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Behavior & Training > Cat Suddenly Bullies My Other Cat?


Ninjas Afoot!
Purred: Wed May 15, '13 1:54pm PST 
I have three cats, for the most part, all their years together have been peaceful. Just a few slaps here and there.
Well about a month ago my husband and I had to stay in a hotel (he is a hotel manager) for about a week, I still visited the cats everyday and they seemed to be doing fine with it. However since then my youngest cat, Jak-ke (2 years old) has started suddenly jumping on Tao (almost 6 years old) and making her scream and run for cover.
I can tell when Jak-ke is about to do this because she gets a focused angry look and quickly sprints towards Tao. I am worried because I know what can happen if this gets worse. I had a cat years ago that had to be rehomed because the other cats suddenly started attacking her, she lost all confidence and could not enjoy life. I am afraid that will happen to Tao. I could not imagine parting with any of my cats.
Any tips on stopping Jak-ke and/or building Tao's confidence to hold her own?

Let me know if more information in needed, I will try me best to give it.

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Food & Nutrition > What is your cat's weird favorite treats?

Beauty Queen!
Purred: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:46pm PST 
Drew has recently decided to beg for canned peaches. And Jak-ke stole a dry roasted soybean from me and tried to eat it, are soybeans ok for cats?

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Cat Health > Declawing Rant!


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Purred: Thu Mar 14, '13 12:12am PST 
I am totally against declawing. My grandmother used to say if you want nice things do not get pets. If a couch means everything to you then why own a pet? Cats are born with claws and they have a right to keep them. People would be outraged if we applied declawing/debarking views to humans, you would not even think of disfiguring a person just because something about them got in the way of your stuff.
My apartment is very animal friendly, that is why I chose to move here with my three cats. After about two years of living here the apartment came under new owners and they sent out a memo that now if we want our cats they need to be declawed. My landlord actually fought them on it and made them drop the rule. I was glad to hear that, even though we have no plans of moving we would have if the declawing rule stuck. A rental owner should not be able to force you to commit animal cruelty in my opinion.

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Food & Nutrition > What is your cat's weird favorite treats?


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Purred: Wed Mar 6, '13 10:24pm PST 
My cats like basic human treats, like beef jerky and boiled chicken, but they also like weird foods you would think cats would never eat.
I thought I would post my cat's favorite weird treats and ask what all of your cats like?

Tao likes BBQ sauce.
Drew likes those flat brown things in a bag of Gardetto's.
Jak-ke likes poptarts. She also begs for anything with sugar in it, chocolate, cupcakes, fudge, ice cream, sugar cookies, ect (I do not give her any though).

What are your cat's weird food favorites?

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Kitten Corner > How were you named?


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Purred: Thu Feb 28, '13 1:01am PST 
Jak-ke I wanted to name something from a different language and thought to look up translations for the words "small" and "tiny", as she is half the size of a normal cat. I was told Jak-ke was Korean for tiny and liked it and named her that. Upon futher research it seems the Korean word for tiny is Jag-eun not Jak-ke and Jak-ke is actually Danish or something and can mean the word for "fashion", which still fits her I guess. (also mean "jacket" which kinda sucks)
Funny thing though I geuss the word Jak-ke means "jacket" or "fashion" but Jak-ke in name form is a Finnish name for Jacob, which is my husband's name. lol
That is what I get for looking into a language I do not know. lol

Tao and Drew sort of have the same name origin.
When my mother's cat, Girl, had a surprise litter we were not planning on keeping the kittens so I just decided to name them after people I knew that they each acted like. I had one named after my sister and her friend, my husband's brother and another friend. And Tao was the name of my ex boyfriend who was very tall. My cat Tao was the largest so I called her that. Drew the cat was named after my sister's ex boyfriend because she was kinda mean and he was rude so we called her Drew.
Turned out my husband and I fell in love with Tao the cat and kept her, then when we rehomed the kittens no one wanted Drew the cat so we ended up keeping her.
So that is how I ended up with cats named after my sister and I's ex boyfriends. lol
I now see the names as my cats though, the exes need to rename themselves. smile

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Behavior & Training > Help! I hit my cat and now she doesn't respond to my calls!):

Beauty Queen!
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '13 6:24pm PST 
Your cat could just be independent. Dogs may always try to please people but cats do things when they want to. lol
My cat Jak-ke will almost always ignore me, she used to run to me all the time as a kitten but now that she is older (2yrs) she is confident enough to find comfort in herself and the other cats. I think it just makes it more special when she does come running up to me for a cuddle.
She could also be a little afriad or mad at you for throwing her. All you can do is talk sweet to her and maybe find a favorite treat to win her back. Cats take awhile to forgive.

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Cats and a Clean Home > Consider using wood pellets for litter =)


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Purred: Mon Feb 25, '13 5:57pm PST 
I have always used wood pellets as litter for my ferrets and it worked great. I would buy a 40lb bag for about $5. It smells nice too. The only issue I found is it turns to powder when wet, so it is not very scoopable. Though with the price it is something I could get over. lol

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