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Raw Food Diet > Kitten going off raw?


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Hey everyone, sorry if this has been posted before:

My kittens have been on a raw food diet since i 9 weeks, they are nearly 4 months now. All of a sudden they seem to be getting picky with their raw bones and meat? Has anyone else experienced this before? they used to gobble it up, but now they kind of look at it walk away, realise thats it and the pick at it? i know they are hungry cos its feeding time and they come and ask food but i havent changed anything. and i dont think one of them is getting enough bone now, cos im finding runny poos frown whats going on?

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Raw Food Diet > Raw Food daily menu

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Do you know how hard it is to find a vet in Perth who isnt sponsored buy some major brand pet food company. Its either Eukanuba, Hill or Pet Canine or Advantage. Either the animal shelters give it out for fostering.

Ive put in an order for some vitamins and stuff and using the recipe: which is very similiar to the one you suggested. i dont have a grinder so i will be doing it with bone meal.

However, i have been giving kitty, chicken necks and wings. and i wish to give other whole little bits to munch. so i suppose its like a combo of frankenprey and raw moosh?!?! but is this ok?

SO what i was wondering how many times should i give what and when??

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Raw Food Diet > Raw Food daily menu

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Hi everyone, new to the forums.wave

So i typed in raw food and there were 12+ pages and its all abit much.

I have 2 kittens, 11 weeks old and i have been feeding them store bought raw diet like:
( they absolutely love and a scoop of a mixture of high quality kibble. They were rescue kittens so the vets provided me with big bags of Hills, Eukanuba, Advance and Pet canine, and i have basically got a container and combined them.

My Vet isnt a fan of raw, or even wet food to be honest so ive compromised and thus offering the scoop of biscuits at mid day for about 30 minutes to "help with dental hygeine"

So thats the background. What i want to know is what sort of menu do you recommend daily/ weekly for my kittens. I would like to introduce wing and necks aswell, and possibly phase out the kibble. (i have so much so i dont want to waste it)

Do i give them a neck/ wing daily does that replace a serving of raw food and then phase out kibble. i have kittens not pigs confused so confused

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