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I posted this in answers earlier but didn't get a reply--maybe I'll have better luck here!

Should I bring home another companion cat for my current cat?
My current cat is Ginoza, a two year old neutered male. He was recently adopted from a county shelter this month, and he adjusted very well to his new home--no problems with liter manners, very active and outgoing toward other humans.

But he does have a tendency to be very rambunctious, especially at night. He'll try to wake me up while I'm in three hours of sleep to play (he wrestles with one of my limbs, either arm or leg, despite having access to his toys and other amenities--Water, food, litterbox).

I'm wondering if bringing home a cat his age (maybe between 1 and 3 years?) would help him pass the time while I'm sleeping and/or at work. What gender should his companion be?

note: I've seen him interact with other unknown cats--he tends to watch them, but doesn't "stand his ground" or act too hostile toward them--he appears curious about them, and other animals (like dogs).

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