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Kimi (君)

Preparing for my- forever home!
Purred: Tue Dec 11, '12 4:45pm PST 
The vets called me Potato and gave my family other vegetable names - to help identify us as related, I think!

Apparently I'm a very pretty cat, feminine. So my family wanted a name that was somewhat unisex. I heard they went through many names to try and settle on one! They decided on Kimi because it is short, cute, and unisex. Apparently it's based on something known as Kimmi Dolls.

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Who's Feeling Silly > What's Santa Paws bringing for your Kitties?
Shady (MIA- over a year)

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Santa Paws is giving an orphan kitty Kimi a home. The house used to have a cat, but is now in dire need of a new one since the previous sadly vanished.

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