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Get Well Soon > My kitty needs all of the prayers, good energy, and good wishes that anyone can spare!


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My kitten Pear is about five months old. He's been sick since I got him in July. He had two types of parasites (which he is finally clear of), and was constantly leaking stool. I took him to the vet several times, had his swollen anal glands removed (they were the size of a small dog's), and found out about a month ago that he has megacolon. He's on three liquid medications, a pill, and prescription food, but he's still dropping stool and having a hard time going to the bathroom.

I got Pear for my birthday along with his sister, Peach. I love Pear so much, and I've done all that I could. I have hundreds of dollars in vet bills and I can't afford another operation to decrease the size of his colon. I've been praying for months that he gets better, but I don't think that mine and my family's are enough. I cry every time I hear him crying when he's trying to go to the bathroom, and I just want him to not be in pain anymore.

The last thing I want to do is have to get him put to sleep, but I don't want to have him suffer. Please, if I could just get some good wishes for the little guy and maybe some words of encouragement for myself, I would really appreciate it.

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