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New to Catster/Tips & Tricks > Hi!


Purred: Sat Oct 13, '12 10:09pm PST 
Hey. Im new too. I have two beautiful kittens, Ozzy and Sharon. smile

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Kitten Corner > How were you named?

Purred: Sat Oct 13, '12 6:59pm PST 
I was named Ozzy because..well you cant have Sharon without Ozzy, and I may be a little..crazy like the man himself.

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Kitten Corner > Help with learning breed?


Purred: Sat Oct 13, '12 6:54pm PST 
I would love to know if someone could help me figure out what breed my kittens are. The mama had a short tail but Im thinking the father had a long one because the two solid color kittens we found had long tails. They a beautiful regardless of what they are though. But if anyone can offer some insight it would be helpful. Thank you.

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