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Bengal > help ! need a magic toy !


boo boo cat
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '12 7:13pm PST 
I have had a few Bengals now and have learned that if they don't have another cat to divert some of their energy and attention they can become overwhelming. My Stanley was really needy in the attention department so I got him a siamese cat and he splits his energy between us and with 2 half hour play sessions a day with a feather toy, laser pointer or basicly anything that gets him running he has become much more calm and his energy levels are manageable.

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Kitten Corner > How were you named?

boo boo cat
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '12 6:54pm PST 
Stanley got his name behind the Eminem song Stan.

I was always a dog person, never really cared much for cats because I like the activity level of dogs. I couldn't have a dog so I reaserched cat breeds and decided a bengal would fit my lifestyle best. I located a breeder, picked a kitten and absolutly fell in love. He was a dog in a cats body. After a year I decided I wanted another so I called the same breeder and got another kitten from the same two parents and had a pair of brothers. A little over a year later I ended a relationship with the girl I was living with and she flat out told me I couldn't have the cats. Not even one, regardless that I researched, paid for (quite a bit of money for both of them) and was really the only one who cared for them,played with them daily (bengal owners know they need playtime every day or they are very rowdy) fed them. walked them ect.

About 3 weeks go by and I am still pleading for at least one of my cats, during this time she is stalking me, logging into my facebook, email, checking out forum boards, calling female friends of mine and just not acting appropriatly. I remembered that her truck was registered to me so I told her give me one of my cats or I am selling the truck. After much arguing and negotiating we agreed that she would buy me a new kitten, full sibling to my other two and once the breeder told me he was paid for I would sign over ownership of the truck back to her. I decided I wanted a silver rosette this time ( I had a brown spotted and seal lynx point snow before)and he just happened to have one. My friends and I refered to my x as a stan, like the pshyco stalker from the song and knowing that she will be soon forgotten I didn't want to forget the crazy story behind how I got to have this wonderfull kitten/cat as part of my life so I named him Stan. Plus its a darn cute name !!

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