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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Macom in Fairbury, Nebraska

Purred: Fri Oct 18, '13 7:10pm PST 
Still bewildered but life is looking brighter for me and Georgia my friend. Our family left us at a vet clinic two weeks ago, no idea why..sooo we thought they'd come back but didn't, a few days ago a lady from the town cat rescue met us and thought they should do something and today we got boarded at a dufferent place where we will be checked, vaccinated and iverall vetted to be put up for adoption..long story short if you would like a biig gray and white declawed kitty with a stache and a stubby tail come see me..
Happy to be here catserswave

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Cat Health > Hate probiotics

Purred: Fri Jan 25, '13 9:17am PST 
I hate probiotics of any kind and I've to have them because of my intestinal problems(bacterial infection) I don't like yogurt, probyocin and several other probyotics..any ideas?..thanks!

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Choosing the Right Cat > A companion for a 2 year old cat?


Spay or Neuter
Purred: Wed Jan 2, '13 1:15pm PST 
Hi Ginoza purrentwink..if you are in Nebraska I've a cat or two that could be companions for Ginoza. I'm with Homeless No More cat rescue and we've several kitties that would be good buddies with others.
However I warn you; cats are playful by nature, specially at night and while two will entertain with each other more than just one there are no guarantees they'll be quiet. Though all in all is better if he has a buddy. At his age he needs one, can be his age, older or younger if he is not an alpha cat like you said

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Celeste

Celeste(2009- -2012)

Purred: Mon Dec 10, '12 1:51pm PST 
A cautionary tale that is not a tale; last night I jumped in the drier for the umpteenth and last time. To everykitty out there; please don't do that, it was an accident but it broke my peoples hearts and I was too young to leave this earth.rainbow

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Kitten Corner > Newbie


Spay or Neuter
Purred: Sun Dec 9, '12 8:06pm PST 
Hi I just joined catster, my name is Chelsea and I'm, um 2 months old? Or so. I'm in foster care for Homeless No More cat rescue in Fairbury, Nebraska._You see, somebody found me on the street & b/c I've funny rear legs and a broken tail they thought I'd been run over. It turned out I've a broken leg, a bowed leg and a broken tail but I'm good and I'll be for adoption in a few months. So anyways here I'm in my Holiday outfit, all kitties for adoption got a Santa hat and a Xmas collar(don't tell anybody but not all of us were thrilledwink Happy Holidays to all!

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Many wenrt to the Bridge at HNM this year

Purred: Fri Nov 9, '12 7:26pm PST 
This year has been tough for our purrents that do rescue; starting in Jan Hadji went to the Bridge b/c cof FIP, her brother preceeded her on Christmas day.
Then little CoCo got pneumonia and died.
Three months later a rescue kitten died of distemper, an older dumpee tested + for FeLV, he's still at the rescue and will be retested b/c he's improved.
Emilio tested FeLV+ 3 months after being rescued, he died shrtly after._Yesterday Orlando(one of Morrigs sibs) was dx with bone marrow cancer and earlier this eve old Tom Snickers died of FeLV complications.
We're all sad..RIP sweeties

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Cat Health > 16 yr old cozmo renal failure & paralzed leg?

Madam(1999-2- 011)

Just call me- Madam
Purred: Sun Feb 12, '12 9:51am PST 
Forgot to add I had been dx with CRF a couple of months before

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Cat Health > 16 yr old cozmo renal failure & paralzed leg?

Madam(1999-2- 011)

Just call me- Madam
Purred: Sun Feb 12, '12 9:50am PST 
I did that. Had hyper T and was good for years on meds, limped a bit but that was it. Earlier last year my purrents came home to find me passed out on the floor, I woke up and was paralyzed fron neck down, next day I could move but my back legs didn't, had to have a feeding tube imlanted b/c I was awake and talked to mom, seemed in good spirits but couldn't swallow. Vet thought I had had a stroke and b/c I was improving my purrents hoped I'd recover completly. So I was at home and lots of hospice care, they love me so much. But all the same I went to the Bridge a week later.
Not saying that your situation is the same but a clot is a very realistic possibility with hyperT. Talk to your vet, yes you can recover if all is addressed earlier. I had had health problems since I was middle age so that made it worse. I was 11. Good luck!

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Behavior & Training > NEVER adopt a declawed cat (?)

Madam(1999-2- 011)

Just call me- Madam
Purred: Thu Feb 9, '12 9:47am PST 
What has she been smokin, thinking or whatever, this person has no biz spreading that awful misconceptions and preventing good innocent(but declawed) kitties from being adopted. I do cat rescue and seen probs with declawed and clawed kitties..with pets like much everything else that breathes there are few b&w issues.
Anybody that isn't willing to go a stept further and fully understand what a pet is doesn't desrve the pet.
Don't care who declawed the cat she put down but whoever did it, it was that person fault not the cats, she should have put down the person.
Rrr, this is very agravating..if the author is still around I'd try to contact her as well as the publisher that put that book out and tell them to stop spreading lies.
This from somebody that's been owned by the greatest, most loving declawed on all 4rs shelter cat(Madam) and is fostering a front declawed(Francisco). Do I think he won't be adopted. Of course not.
BTW another foster got arthritis at 5 and she has all her claws, Madam was arthrictic at 8 and was declawed on all 4rs. In the rescue I'd ha boy that sprayed b/c he didn't like other cats, he is clawed and now so happy and calm as a solo cat(Newton)..too many cases that can't be blamed on declawing

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Cat Health > Scabs on nose
Big Morris

Spay or Neuter
Purred: Sun Feb 5, '12 7:41am PST 
I'll be going to vet next week; my foster mom is concerned I've scabs on my nose that fall off, the fur is falling off too. I'll upload other pics on my site so you can see..any ideas what is it?

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