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Havoc's- Angel

Adventure time!
Purred: Sat Oct 20, '12 2:57pm PST 
I got my name when I knocked a cup of dr. pepper over that my mom's sister was drinking, so they named me Havoc, for all the havoc I caused as a kitten, good times, good times.
Max was named for....I don't really know why he was named that, maybe cause he looked like a 'Max'
Little Gurl was named for her size because she's also been little, she had kittens: Rose, Skiddles, BJ, and Smokefoot.
Rose was named for her sweetness.
Skiddles was named for her shyness.
BJ was named after my mother's cat, Bobo, who died a month before I was adopted.
Smokefoot is named after a character in a book, mom wanted to give one of them a name from them warrior cats books she reads.

That's how we were named. wave

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Kitten Corner > new kitty?
Havoc's- Angel

Adventure time!
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Yes, I got a new kitten, and when I introduced her to the kitten I already had, she hissed at him, is their any way I can help them become aquainted?

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