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Cat Health > Reducing kitty stress

Purred: Thu Apr 25, '13 6:28am PST 
Nico is super stressed out right now because our life is about to change in a big way. In ten days, I'm going to be married.
Nico doesn't like change. He doesn't like even the furniture to be moved.
Being married means we are moving to a different city. A new house with new furniture. And there will be a new person there getting attention from me. Nico doesn't like to share.
Right now, he's picking up my stress because I'm getting married soon and I'm trying to plan the wedding. My house is in absolute shambles as there are boxes being packed and things everywhere. I went out of town last weekend to visit my parents so they could meet my future husband and Nico hates it when I'm gone. I've been working a ton.
Nico has taken to laying on the backpack I take to work as if trying to keep me from leaving. Last night he even peed on some blankets. Every time I see him, he has this sort of worried, perplexed expression. I know my cat very well and that's not his normal expression or posture.

Any tips on how I can help him de-stress? I plan to give him so extra one on one attention. I also plan to give him a little bit of canned food every day. (He normally gets it every few days.) Maybe I can take some of the boxes set them up so he can play in them. I also think helping his puppy sister stay calm would help too. He's very close to her and she's stressed too. Hers is an I-know-what-those-boxes-are-and-a-change-is-coming stress.
I also should try to relax myself, but yeah . . .
I can't afford a diffuser thing or else I'd try that.
Any other things I should do?
I'd try catnip, but catnip has no effect on Nico.
Thanks for the help!

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Cats and a Clean Home > Fur everywhere

Purred: Tue Apr 9, '13 12:48am PST 
Nico is my first cat. (Except for Siri who died from a heart condition at a very young age).
I adore Nico and am very happy with being a cat mom.
Now, the only problem I have is the shedding. Nico is a big boy (15 pounds) And he has a ton of hair. You might not be able to tell from the pictures (the pictures are a several months old) but he is a big ball of fluff. Some of his back and tail hairs are three to four inches long. I'm pretty sure he has a triple coat. His fur is very rabbit-like and cottony and his fur is getting every where.
I'm not sure how to keep up with it.
I'm keeping him on as high of quality food as I can. I recently gave him a bath. I groom him twice a day (he loves being brushed). That seems to help, but he's still like a small explosion of fur.
Any tips for controlling the shedding?
Is the shedding just this bad because it's changing seasons? Last spring he was just a baby and so there was not as much shedding. Also is the spring shed worse than the winter shed? I don't remember it being this bad last winter. Or maybe it was. I took him to be groomed professionally last winter (not shaved but to have them work on brushing out his summer coat). If I remember right that worked for a while but he still shed a ton afterwards too.

Thanks for the advise.

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Behavior & Training > Help! My cat is being a scoundrel


Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 10:45pm PST 
Nico is just over a year old. He has been neuter since four months old. My roommate has two cats. One is a five year old male (he has been neutered since 8 weeks). The other is a 4 year old female (she has been spayed since 8 weeks too).

All the animals get along fine for the most part. They don't fight over toys or food or anything.
The problem is Nico. He seems to have it in his little male brain that he is not neutered. On a regular basis he chases the female, corners her, and tries to mate with her. Sometimes, she brings it on herself by doing the female cat flirt and acting as if she wants him, but she never does.
(Sometimes the other male cat does the same thing).
What do I do?
I asked the vet about it and he'd never heard of neuter males acting like that. I asked my kitten breeder about it and she said sometimes neutered males will act as teaser toms to get females out of heat but that's normally toms that have been studs and then neutered.
It is causing much stress around her because we always have to save Yuna from him. (He's almost twice her size).

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Cats and a Clean Home > Litterboxes and dogs


Purred: Sun Feb 5, '12 1:22am PST 
No this isn't a post about a dog finding 'snacks' in the litterbox (Thank goodness my dog lu doesn't do that)
I have an almost seven year old, five pound chihuahua and a six month old ragamuffin.
With the weather being a bit cold and also my dog is getting older, I want to litter box train her so that she won't have to hold going to the bathroom or go out when it is inconveniently cold or rainy. She was trained as a puppy to use potty pads, so I got a box and put a potty pad inside it. it worked really well.
then to add the litter. I read somewhere that dogs tend to like pellet type litter (like yesterdays news) so I got some for her, but she hated it. when I put her in the box it was like the WORST thing ever. she refused to use it or if she did go in it, she'd push aside the litter and go on the potty pad.
So I tried some of Nico's litter (just your typical clumping clay sandy type litter) and she loved it (or should I say didn't object to it.)
My question is, will there be a problem if I use the same kind of litter for both my cat and dog? they would, of course, have their own litter boxes. They are very close to each other and while lucy won't use the kitty box, if nico used her box i'm sure she'd just pee over it.
Also, my roommate has two cats that might cause litterbox issues. they are both need covered boxes to keep the mess down (if your pickin' up what i'm puttin' down). I don't want to have a potty disaster all over my room because Lu's box is currently uncovered. Any tips?
I hope to move her to a covered box just because she tends to like privacy (will not poo at all if someone is watching her)
any advice on litter training dogs?
I thought about getting her a sandy type litter that is different from the cats, but I have a feeling that if I did that, then it would be the cool new litter (just like when I got the new litterbox for my new kitten) and becomes everyone's favorite potty spot.
Anything I should know about litter training dogs?
I'm not worried about her munching on the litter because she hasn't done it yet and isn't the type of dog to sample random stuff.
Also, any good recommendations for a doggie litter box? I want one that is relatively low to the ground because she is older and her knees aren't the best. But it has to have high sides because sometimes she gets a little crazy with her peeing (yeah she's a girl dog, but sometimes I swear she thinks she is a boy or maybe it's just her head is so heavy--either way up goes her bum and well . . . we've had some near misses with the litter box i currently use)

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Cats and a Clean Home > Cat Allergies-Help!


Purred: Fri Nov 11, '11 10:42pm PST 
My roommate is pretty severely allergic to her cats but wouldn't give them up for the world. Living with cats and allergies is doable. Medicine can help as can keeping the cats bathed. Keeping the kitties off of your kid's bed and pillows can help. I think even after a little bit of time, your kid will develop a bit of an immunity to those particular cats. Like my roommate doesn't sneeze as much around her kitties but if she is with a new kitty she does, until she gets used to them.
the way I see it, if your child was allergic to grass you wouldn't make your yard a dirt lot would you?
I hope it all works out for you guys big grin

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Ragamuffin > New ragamuffin

Purred: Fri Nov 11, '11 10:36pm PST 
Meet my new ragamuffin kitten. His name is Nico. He is a little ball of fluff!

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Kitten Corner > New kitten


Purred: Fri Nov 11, '11 10:34pm PST 
Hey this is Siri's mom. I'm finally getting a new kitten. His name is Nico. He is a ragamuffin. He is coming in December.
It will be good to have a baby kitty around again. I miss Siri.

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Kitten Corner > New kitten


Purred: Tue Aug 30, '11 9:07pm PST 
I am getting a new kitten. I am getting him from a great breeder. He is three weeks old now and will be ready to go home in November, but I can't pick him up until Christmas break in December.
He is a natural mink RagaMuffin. He is gonna be a big boy and a sweetie!
The breeder also has a retired adult female that i might adopt. Four years old tortie female. she is extra sweet.
I miss my one kitty so much that I might as well get two!

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Cat Health > need some answers


Purred: Tue Aug 30, '11 8:58pm PST 
I remembered another symptom today. She always had trouble picking up kibble. I tried a couple of kinds of bowls even putting it on the table with no bowl and she still had trouble. She had her teeth cleaned so it wasn't that. Is that a symptom of FIP or HCM? or something else relating to her other symptoms?

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Kitten Corner > Breeder checklist

Purred: Sat Aug 20, '11 1:45pm PST 
After my horrible experience with Siri, I have decided for my next kitten spending the money and getting her from a reputable breeder. I have found one that i think is spot on but I want to make sure i am not forgetting to check anything.
She is registered with ACFA, CFA, and Ragamuffin Associate Group.
The kittens are born in her home and never caged.
She only has three females and one male and does only a couple of litters a year.
The mothers and fathers are tested for the HCM gene and are tested prior to each breeding for FIV and FELV. The moms and dads are also tested with EKGs every year to insure they don't have a heart condition.
kittens adopted as pets are spade and neutered and given their shots. Kittens are not allowed to leave until they are 16 weeks old.
as part of the contract, kittens are not allowed to be declawed or left outside.
they come with a 2 year health guaruntee.
After the kittens are born, my parents who live closer to her are going to go check things out and see if it looks legit.
Ive talked to her and she seems really nice. She is willing to help me find the right kitten, even if it isn't with her.
What else should I look out for? I think she covers all the bases very well and she doesn't seem like a backyard breeder, or a mill. A kitten from her would be healthy (or have the best chance of being healthy) and socialized.

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