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Choosing the Right Cat > What age to get...Existing cat?

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Purred: Sun Feb 21, '10 7:40pm PST 
Great post Freckles, I agree.

We have 3 cats, a 7 yr old-Kima, a 1 and a half year old-Mica, and a 1 year old kitten/becoming an adult cat-Bandit. The 7 year old, who we adore, is very particular and feisty. She probably would've been better off with a bit of an older cat in the mix. When we brough in Mica, at the SFSPCA (where we adopted her from), she was in a room with several other cats, so we knew she got along with fellow kitties. But Kima is such a testy little thing, that poor Mica couldn't find a playmate in Kima.

So we adopted Bandit, who was about 1 year younger than Mica at the time, for a playmate...and they play together all of the time. Kima's personality is just one where she is super independent and prefers to be by herself, LOL. But, well, we still think it was good for her to have companions. We would leave the apartment for long periods at times, and at least we know she doesn't get bored.

But like Freckles mentioned, it's all about personality and just taking a chance.

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Choosing the Right Cat > Trying to understand feline breeders and purebred cats.

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Purred: Sat Jan 30, '10 11:19pm PST 
Personally, I don't think I could ever go with a purebred cat.

It reminds me of the idea of making "purebred" people...and there's nothing attractive to me about that. What can be so terrific about humanity is that we come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors...and those who are of mixed blood, with parents of different races and cultures, end up usually being some of the most vibrant, interesting, and attractive people I know.

Same can be said of the cats from my experience. All of our cats are rescue cats, and all of them are gorgeous in their own way. I don't have a clue what their background is. I know two are tabbies (Kima and Mica), and one...well, we don't have a clue what the third one is (Bandit) I'm sure they are all of mixed blood. Also, they are all rescue cats, and like someone else mentioned, with rescue cats you get to see this really incredible transition as they become more comfortable, feel more safe, and begin to trust and love you because they know you would never harm them. Bandit was our younger rescue kitty, adopted at the age of 5 months, and he's absolutely the most affectionate thing...but so are Mica and Kima in their own unique way.

Just like humans, they show love in their own individual way, and just like humans, they all have a history that has formed their personalities, mannerisms, and characteristics. I would hate to have had my sister or brother "bred" to make them an "ideal" version of who they are supposed to be. It's the nuances, differences, and uniqueness of them that makes them as special as they are. They were created without a thought as to who they "should be". Instead, they were created out of two beings wanting to create a new life to help take care of, love, and nurture.

This isn't a judgment call on purebred breeders, just sharing my own personal thoughts on the matter. With so many incredible rescue kitties and cats available, I just don't see a purpose in selecting a "purebred". I volunteer my services at the SFSPCA and those cats are the most loving creatures...but loving in their own unique way, the way all of us show love in our own unique way.

Just my two cents. smile

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Choosing the Right Cat > just some questions


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Purred: Sat Jan 30, '10 11:07pm PST 
Excellent posts from everyone.

I would add, though, that as much as there are some great commercial organizations out there to adopt pets from, I would strongly suggest visiting a shelter or rescue to look at finding your adult cat. There's way too many cats in shelters without a home that are absolutely beautiful and terrific and unique. All of our cats were adopted from a rescue shelter. Kima: St Louis SPCA. Mica and Bandit: SFSPCA.

RE: dogs and really depends on the cat from my experience, and that's not something you can predict. I strongly urge you, though, to have patience and give them time. Time can do wonders when it comes to multiple pets. Also, go on Google and do research about introducting dogs and cats to one another. It's important to make it a step by step process.

Our resident cat Kima has no problem with dogs, but Mica and Bandit don't like dogs and get fearful...but they hardly ever see the dog downstairs, so I think they're just not used to her (her name is Luna).

Anyhow, please give us an update and let us know what cat you ended up going with. smile

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Choosing the Right Cat > The Story of Kima...


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Purred: Wed Jan 27, '10 8:21pm PST 
"All 13 of us cats have suckered Mom into taking us in her condo. We know how to lay it on thick, don't we, Kima?!"--LOL, indeed 13calicos, indeed!

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Choosing the Right Cat > The Story of Kima...


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Purred: Tue Jan 26, '10 7:41pm PST 
Awww....thanks Apollo!

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Choosing the Right Cat > The Story of Kima...

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Awww....thanks Maggie! You're gorgeous btw.

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Choosing the Right Cat > The Story of Kima...


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Purred: Sun Jan 24, '10 8:45pm PST 
Thank you for reading her story Ava-Corinne. I think you're right. cloud 9

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Choosing the Right Cat > Can\'t decide about adopting a 3rd cat


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Purred: Sun Jan 24, '10 1:11pm PST 
We have three total cats in our home. For some videos of them, check out the following. ;-) The videos (two) are also on their profile pages. They can get a bit crazy.


Anyhow, our resident cat Kima had been with my bf for some time...5 years. She was a solo cat and was very loved, and spoiled, by my bf. When I moved in with him, I thought it might be good to get Kima another cat to become friends with. She seemed a bit undersocialized and seemed a bit lonely at times, so I thought it might be nice to give her a companion.

We adopted Mica from the SFSPCA and went through the introduction process. At first we tried to speed it up and trusted they'd be fine, but we were sorely mistaken Kima DETESTED Mica in the beginning and wouldn't stop hissing. So we had to go through the arduous introduction process, but we persisted. It took about two months or so, but after that, they began to be just fine.

Kima NEVER became friends with Mica though. We thought she would, or were more hoping she would, but it never happened. Kima simply learned to tolerate Mica and that was the end of it. Kima is just the kind of moody, evil little thing that doesn't really care for other cats and probably would rather be independent and by herself. But she was so often by herself 'cause the bf and I were out and about a lot, so we thought Kima needed a companion. Little did we know she could've given a s@#t if she had a companion or not, LOL. Ahh well.

Then we got our third and final cat, a 5 month old kitten who was the sweetest thing (I fell in love with him while volunteering at the SFSPCA), and that has been quite an adventure. Kima, again, simply learns to tolerate Mica and now our new cat, Bandit. Mica and Bandit have grown close, but Bandit still messes with both of those cats too much for them to ever fully trust him, lol. He's a little rascal, but we adore him.

Anyhow, my point really never know how it's gonna go. I *strongly* urge you to follow the steps of introductions for a new, third cat, but if they simply learn to tolerate each other, so be it. Mica and Bandit have grown closer over time, and I'm sure Kima and them will grow somewhat more tolerable over time with one another, ha ha. But I can't imagine the three of them separated anymore. They're part of our family. Yes, it's been trying of our patience at times, but I don't know...I wouldn't have it any other way. smile

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Choosing the Right Cat > The Story of Kima...


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Purred: Sun Jan 24, '10 12:32pm PST 
I wanted to share some background on one of our cats, our evil queen that we love named Kima. Recently my bf was asked to write some history about her for a Facebook page that wanted to feature her, and here is his story. It's true what they say...cats choose you, not the other way around. You may go in wanting one kind of cat, and you'll find some other cat finds you that you were meant to be with.

I went to the APA of Missouri with one goal in mind... to adopt an orange tabby kitten.
I filled out the paperwork and went back to see all of the cats.
There I found a beautiful male kitten who fit the bill exactly.
Things didn't turn out quite as I planned though when I returned to the adoption desk.
In reviewing my paperwork, the woman at the desk saw that I rented my apartment.
She told me she would need to call the landlord to verify it was okay to have pets.
I thought there was something in my lease about not allowing pets but that wasn't going to stop me.
I bypassed the manager of the building and gave her the number to the actual owner.
Luckily, he was a cat lover himself.
He told the woman I could have one cat and it had to be a female.
There was an issue with the previous tenant where their cat urinated all over the living room carpet and it had to be replaced.
The woman at the adoption desk hung up the phone and informed me that I should probably go back and look for another cat.
I strolled back into the area and looked through all of the cages.
This time, I decided to look at the adult cats.
There was one cat who caught my attention but she completely ignored me.
I moved onto the next cage and saw a beautiful grey tabby cleaning herself.
I put my finger through the openings in the door to greet her.
She looked up at me and immediately started licking my finger.
I liked her.
There was a note on her cage that read... "Looking for a second chance" and listed her age at 1 1/2-2 years old.
I got one of the volunteers and had them open the cage for me.
I pulled the cat out and put her on my shoulders.
She started licking my hair to show me affection.
At this point, I knew she was the one.
We put her back into the cage and I went back up to the adoption desk.
When I told the woman which cat I wanted to adopt, she asked me if I knew her story.
She told me that the cat was brought in homeless and pregnant.
She had two kittens while at the shelter and both of them were adopted.
There was a kitten that came in around that time who didn't have a mother.
The adult cat nursed that kitten as her own and watched as that kitten was also adopted.
She would have been put to sleep weeks before but it was pushed back due to her caring for the kittens.
I paid the adoption fee and had to wait a week while she was spayed and got all of her medical care.
I came back a week later to pick up my new baby!
I named her Kima and put her in the box to take to her new home.
She's been with me ever since.
Kima has always been by my side through the years.
I moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles, back to St. Louis and then finally to San Francisco.
She has sat in the passenger seat every time I've made the long drive to California and back.
She's very particular about a lot of things (the way you pet her, what she likes and dislikes, etc.) and can be a bit fiesty at times.
Kima sleeps at my feet every night and still licks your hair when you put her on your shoulder.
My boyfriend Cristian has learned to love her and her quirks.
He's also learned to be careful when kissing her on the face.
Like I said, she's a feisty one and just might nip you!!!
Regardless of her faults, she'll always be my little angel.

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Behavior & Training > Why do I keep missing my litter box??

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Purred: Thu Jan 14, '10 5:13pm PST 
I agree with Boris...maybe you should go to the vet and get checked out? Just to be on the safe side?

Me, my brother, and my sister all share the same litter. When it gets too full, one of us will poop outside of it, but even when it's clean, I sometimes would poop outside anyway. My parents ended up putting my litter in a tighter spot, where there wasn't much wiggle room, and nowhere else to go except in the litter box. It helped.

I also think that because I was a rescue kitty...and I was a bit traumatized, at times, I would be reacting to the trauma I experienced when I was younger. It was a way to "act out" and seek attention. My parents weren't happy at all the first time it happened. But they understood patience pays off. Still, my nose was stuck in the poop and I heard a loud "NO!" each time I would do it. After a couple of times, I didn't do it anymore. I thought they weren't being nice, but I understand that they love me very much and were only doing that to help me.


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