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Here is a list of Texas No Kill rescues and shelters.
Call and/or e-mail them all. If they are all full, ask if you could "sponsor" her in a foster home of theirs or if they can find one. Sometimes it's cost more than space that causes rescues to be full. Look them up on Facebook. Post her photo on their page and ask for help- say it's urgent. I know this can be hard. I see groups on FB easily getting people volunteering to be foster homes and donating money, and offering transport for animals care when they are in danger at high kill animal controls. Then I think about all the ones locally that no one cares about. I guess it's about getting the word out...
Look up No Kill Texas, Austin Pets Alive...someone has to be willing to help and with FB posting there is a better chance of finding a foster.
You can also try Huckabees (FB) in Indiana. They use transports to pick up animals in southern states on death row.
Just don't give up and ask EVERYONE in rescue. Make as much noise as possible!

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Cat Health > FIP kitty seeks homeopathic treatments or shamanic healing...anyone used an animal healer??
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My baby was diagnosed with FIP in June after he dropped weight and started getting bony. He had a blood panel and all of the values were off. That led to an ultrasound that found diseased intestines. 7-8 inches were removed and the prognosis for the sutures holding was not good. 5 or so weeks later the sutures held, the external stitches are out and healed. Still, there is no cure. we are now over $5,000 in bills and struggling (we even had to make a chip-in and gofundme!)Scouring forums I found a vet who had some success with it- Dr.Deva. We are sending her the file. I have also looked into shamanic healing since it has saved cancer cats and seizure dogs. Can anyone recommend an animal shaman or healer they have used on any disease? or had a holistic treatment work for FIP? We are also looking for any survivors of FIP that were not misdiagnoses. Blood tests and guesses are almost always misdiagnoses because you need a biopsy diagnosis. A former foster had cancer and her vets thought it was FIP right up to the end.

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Cat Health > Very skinny, very hungry cat...? Loses weight no matter how much she eats...


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My name is Fiona. I am 4 and I was a former feral kitten. I'm still a little skittish now.
I use to be a very healthy petite girl and as long as mom can remember, a "ravenous little vulture". I was even a little teeny bit pudgy at one year.
I sneak up on humans when they are eating and steal their food. I heard mom say I would eat a rock if it was dipped in salmon flavor...
The past few months I have dropped in weight and my hips are bony. Last month my eyes were dull and watery, but now I look much better. I even gained a tiny bit, but I am still a bony 5 lbs. I also had chronic diarrhea for a while there- a few weeks and nothing helped! Mom dewormed me JIC and took in a fecal. Nothing.
Mom has had me blood-tested and even an advanced T-4 thyroid panel even though I'm so young...and nothing...
I have started oinking (mom uploaded it to YOUTUBE!! "Cat oinks" or something equally genius *sarcasm*)
My 14.5 year old sister who we lost a few weeks ago also had this skinny but ravenous problem for the past year. She even had an ultrasound last May and bloodtests every 6 months.
My 2 year old brother just had surgery and was diagnosed for FIP so now isn't a good time financially for me to have an ultrasound that doesn't tell mom anything...
Has anyone ever had this problem??

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Choosing the Right Cat > Old cat or young cat?


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Honestly...My cats over 4 HATE kittens. They are always bouncing around and destroying things, and that pesky wanting to play business. I would recommend something at least 5 or 6 years- or even something as old as 12-16. Less people want the older kitties so they need homes badly!
if you are unsure, work with a rescue that will allow you to try's a great way to find a possible perfect fit!

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Choosing the Right Cat > 3 Males?


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ITA with the people who have more than one male cat. I foster, so at some points, I have had as many as 8 males at a time. Never a problem as long as the foster was neutered and not dominant. And the cats aren't super easy-going- they hate kids!laugh out loud

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Cat Health > My kitten has had diarrhea for 4 days straight. Help?

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Did the shelter de-worm her? The reason I ask is that since you had her with fleas which is the FIRST thing you check for as a shelter or rescue...:/ Did the vet take a fecal sample? If not, it could be coccidia or giardia...
I am glad you are her foster mom and future adoptive mom- I was a bit worried about such a young kitten being adopted so soon before being old enough to even FeLV/FIV test!
All of the suggestions of probiotics are great ideas!

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