I'm new too! Researching Ocicat breeders...

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I've always had DSHs and tabbies have been among my faves, as well as black cats.

The Ocicat impresses me for it's size, disposition ( esp with respect to dog-compatibility), wild looks, and relative health for a purebred.

I still believe in adoption and rescue, but I admit to wanting a purebred for once.

Right now it's down to Ocicats and Maine Coons, so I'm trying to see where people have obtained their Ocicats and how things are going.

What are your cats like? Were expectations met? Are their animals big, happy and healthy?

I realize the long-term health and happiness of any living thing depends upon the caretakers. Rest assured, I am a HUGE animal lover who cares deeply for all animals, furry, feathery or scaled. I have no prejudices except against roaches, ticks and mosquitoes! No one's perfect!

I live in NYC, so any good breeders ( no large, cold commercial catteries please) within driving distance would be preferable. I'll go a few states away, but I don't want to ship a kitten or retired adult from far away. It scares me too much.


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My Ocicat is 99% of everything advertised. She's affectionate, loves humans, acts like a dog (she's learned sit and up, and is learning down now, and she will bring me toys to play fetch), eats everything in sight (cookies, pasta, pasta sauce, brownies, oatmeal, eggs, plums, bread, cake, etc.) and is extremely hardy. She once took a faceplant off the fridge, we suspect, and she spent a day or two with her right front canine completely busted. The root was hanging out. She never acted anything other than normal, and I only found out when I felt a sharp edge on her tooth.

The only thing that didn't happen with Pooka is that she's relatively small for the breed. She's about 8.5 pounds, which in the end is just fine as she is extremely active and athletic. These cats do not stop anything, whether it's playing or meowing. If you want a cat that's close to a dog, you'll get it in the Oci.

I bought Pooka from Dreamsong Cats in Atlanta, but Purrfurdots and Megadots in Pennsylvania have some very nice cats. Even if you're ready to buy an AOV or a pet-level Ocicat, check the pedigrees. Make sure you're getting a cat that's got champion or grand champion in her, and check the show history of the cattery.

Edit: Forgot to add that Ocicats are very social creatures, and do better with another cat around. I'm at home a good deal, which helps also, but having a second cat makes life with Pooka easier. I ended up buying her and adopting a second cat from the shelter.

Ocis are also quite smart and easy to train. Had it not been for the stubbornness of her adoptive brother, Pooka would have been fully toilet trained within a couple of months.

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