Could my Greyson be a NFC?

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I saved Greyson from being homeless, he lived outside, and I adopted him and made him a part of my family. I think he is a NFC, and so do my veterinarians. I don't know that he is for sure, but he surely looks like one to me. My vet, the first time I brought him there, put his breed as a NFC, but we are all guessing. I have no idea where he came from, but he sure is Handsome, in my eyes and heart anyway.
He is very, very tolerant of my other furkids, even the 2 testy ones. Never fights, never. He is ten years old, (my vet thinks), and so smart he amazes me! Laid back, very loveable, loves to make biscuits on my belly. All from a kitty I couldn't even touch seven months ago!!
I would appreciate feedback.

PS: On my page, you can see a few more pictures of me. And since my Mom adopted me I have been On cloud 9. I am SO HAPPY to have a forever home!! dancing happy dance

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Im not a breeder or a show judge expert but I know what Norwegian Forest look like quite well and I can usually spot one. I dont think your cat is because the face seems a bit more rounded and the nose not quite straight without a bridge. A profile photo would help a lot. But his nose does not seem quite long enough and straught enough. Also grey coated Norwegian Forest cats are not that common at all so if you were to pick up a stray purebred Norwegian Forest chances are that is would not be grey.

Gillian's Forglemmigej

Loved by Nicole- Fitterer
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I added more photos of my Norwegian Forest cat. You can see her body and face profile and what it should look like for a Norwegian forest. They are long and low to the ground, heavy boned, with longer than average tails. Triangle face with no nose bridge. Also if your cat is a Norwegian Forest he should have two distinct coat types. A fluffy undercoat and a long slick waterproof guardhairs that run down the back and tail. These hairs are 3-5" long as I have atually measured! Not many breeds of cats have a double coat so that would be a give away. You can also check out the CFA breed standard.

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