Is my kitty a Wegie?

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Purred: Sat Dec 18, '10 4:41pm PST 
Hello, I was wondering if my cat Sonny is a Norwiegian Forest Cat?

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Purred: Thu May 12, '11 1:04pm PST 
sorry I don't think so. Looks pretty clearly like a Domestic longhair to me. She is definatly not large enough and at 4 years old if she was a Norwegian Forest she would have much more coat than that. The coat is an excellent way to tell on a mature cat. The mature Norwegian Forest should have two distinct types of hair. Fluffy undercoat wich grows in quite heavily during the winter and than a slick outer coat. If you can not very obviously distinguish two differant types of hair on your cat (there should be no questioning it as it is very obvious on a true Norwegian Forest) than its very unlikely that you have a Norwegiann Forest. Also Norwegian Forests clearly develope thicker, longer winter coats and in the spring/summer it thins out a lot. And these coat changes should be quite obvious also. Also I recommend checking out breed standards. A Norwegian Forest is a large cat that is long and low to the ground with a longer than average tail. They have a equalateral triangular face and a straight nose with no bridge..