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Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 1:08pm PST 
Can anyone tell me if this is a Norweigan Forest Cat?
She fits the bill to a tea! When I got her she from a shelter here in St. Louis she was 1 yr. and so scrawny, her hair was not full and bushy as it is now. My husband nicknamed her Scruff. Since winter she has really not only filled out but her hair has fluffed up incredibly with a double coat, she has lots of hair in between her pads and a full ruff now. The longest whiskers I've ever seen on a cat! Thick boned and everything I read about them "is her." I even found two cats on the internet look like they could be her mother and father and they are Weegies.
So, anyone want to give me their opinion here on this forum?kitty