Do we have a Wegie here?

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He came to us as a stray last summer and is a very vocal kitty. He is very fluffy, has HUGE paws w/heavy tufting between the toes. If anyone can tell by looking at him - please let me know. I'm curious to find out if he is or not.

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Here is what I found on Cat Fanciers Association Breed Profile: Bright emerald green eyes with a band of gold. Long flowing hair. Sweet-expressioned faces. Jaunty ear and toe trimmings. Each time you see a Norwegian Forest Cat is a feast for the eyes. Each time you touch their spun-silk soft coats is a delight to the fingertips.

These are the cats that explored the world with the Vikings, protecting the grain stores on land and sea, and which are believed to have left their progeny on the shores of North America as a legacy to the future.

These lovely cats are really two for the price of one, they can differ so greatly in looks from summer to winter. Some time in the spring they take off their “winter underwear,” the downy undercoat that provides warmth, and the long non-tangling outer guardhairs that act as protection from rain and snow. The contrast can be quite extreme. The inner-ear hair that deflects the wind and snow (and can be three to four inches long, curving out and around the ear like flexible racing stripes) remains all year. The tail is always magnificent, being as much as twelve inches or more when fanned to its fullest. Perhaps the most impressive part of the coat is the mane. On a fully mature cat, i.e. one over five years of age and which is challenged by the most adverse cold weather, the mane is nothing less than spectacular. It is long, dense and very, very impressive! This, unfortunately, may disappear in the spring, but rest assured that it will begin to lengthen again as the days begin to shorten.

These cats are designed by Mother Nature. They appear in coats of most colors, from pure white to deepest coal black, with every possible coat pattern and color combination in between, with the exception of the colorpoint colors as seen in the Siamese or Persian-Himalayan such as seal point or chocolate point. Darker cats require less coat to keep warm since they absorb more heat from the sun. Lighter cats tend to have fuller coats with more undercoat. Some colors change from light to darker tones with the seasons. Mother Nature is so thoughtful! And, finally, because they are a natural breed, their mature size will differ from line to line.

Is their Norse name accurate? Yes, the skogkatt, meaning forest cat, really did come out of the Scandinavian forests some time in the last 4,000 years. However, they are not feral but are among the most people-oriented cats. Of course their personalities differ, depending upon the type home in which they spend their early kittenhood. As with any other breed, a kitten handled and petted by many loving people from birth and which has been exposed to children, cats and dogs will be different from one born and raised in an isolated area with limited human contact.

A question frequently asked is about the care the long coats require. As one breeder is fond of saying: “Mother Nature does not have hairdressers in the deep woods, so she did not design the cat to require the daily attention necessary to some other longhaired breeds.” Very little, if any, combing is required for non-show cats, but is recommended during spring shedding.


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Hello, fellow Wegie! I think you pass the test. You have the typical NFC triangle cheeks and mane, while having a medium-length coat on your body. Triangle head just like me and if you look at my profile, you will see a slightly similar face. I have the "natural eye-liner look" showing off my green eyes also...Mom tells me I make the girls swoon! Many people say that NFCs are quiet, but I'm not! I don't meow, so much as mew and "talk" back, when spoken to. If you encourage a Wegie to talk, we will respond. We're kind of like parrots that way : ) Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the info! I talk to him quite a bit and he always seems to have an answer for me. Not so much a meow like a typical cat- but like a mew under his breath or something. And he has a funny head bob thing occasionally when he does it. Almost like he's acknowledging I'm talking to him. I just can't believe we found him out wondering as a stray. He was already fixed, but still has all his claws. So not sure if someone just got tired of him or what. He's such a great looking cat and has a great personality to go with it. I'm glad we decided to take him with when we moved. He such a great addition to our house. And it's amazing how close in color you are compared to Burdock! Thanks again fellow Wegie!!!big grin

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When I first learned I was a Wegie mom did lots of research and learned that Wegies often like water and climb down trees headfirst! We like other animals, too! We're sweet kitties and my mom loves to find me curled up with my 17 year old brother washing his head!

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After viewing your profile pics I agree that you definitely look like a Wegie to me. I couldn't see from the pic, if you have the long lovely ear tufts of hairs, but if so, that's another strong indicator. Your form, coat, tail, ear size shape and placement, the angled eyes slightly almond shaped (openings) and distinctive triangular shaped head all indicate Wegie. Just wait until you mature and at age 3 yrs, onward when your winter coat grows in to full splendor you will be absolutely astonished, and there will be no doubt you're a Wegie. Give that full coat a brushing and it will feel as softa as chincilla fur, no exaggeration about that! You will be amazed. Also I've read that NFC are one of the few non-allergenic breeds, due to a unique enzyme that is in their saliva, and spread throughout their coat and skin via there habitual fastidious grooming and washing their coat constantly. No cat dander to ever worry about in a healthy NFC! Lastly, my Wegie is a lovely calico (female) and has just one eye with that breath taking "Cleopatra of the Nile" thick black eyeliner natural coloring, while the other one does not have it. It has always stopped women dead in their tracks to comment on her breathtakingly beautiful eyes. It's always the first thing women notice about her (but not men)! Ain't that a wild thang! ;-{P

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impressive descriptions you guys have listed here.
You are welcome to see my page http://www.catster.com/cats/518139
Photos speak louder than words!

As I live in Sydney Austarlia, I'm in permanent summer and I shed fur all year round all over the house! But I do enjoy a big fenced garden full of local wild life I can ply with. I talk to the birds with chirp but they still fly away and that made the whole family laugh. I chase a "water-dragon" into the swimming pool but I'm not a diver so I jump out and Mum had to dry me up. I go up trees trying to make friend with the possums until the branch can't bear my weight so come head down and my Mum's scared. And I love my family and I only sleep between Mum and Dad, lucky we have a king-size bed! Don't you recon I'm a Wegie?


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What about mesmile