please help me pick Ember's food

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Ember, aka- Soul Fuzzer

Kitty Kismet- arrived on the- Cosmic Wind
Purred: Sun Jul 10, '11 9:16am PST 
I need recs for a good cat food for Ember so she can have firm poopies and I don't have to wipe her fluffy butt all the time, lol. I am her third home, the woman before me had gotten her from the pound and I don't think she's been on a decent food since her first owner, to be honest. She came with two cans of store brand wet food that I didn't have the heart to feed her, opting instead to stop at Pet Smart to pick up something a little nicer. I bought AvoDerm Adult off a rec from a good friend with four house kitties she loves more than life. I notice there's a lot of 'filler' (corn etc.) and while my friend's kitties are doing beautifully on it, I wonder if there's something better for my Manx, especially something that might firm up her stools a bit. Thanks in advance for any insight! kitty

Samoa - Diva Angel

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If you're going to get a dry food, you want to make sure that the first ingredients include things like chicken, fish, meat - no fillers.

A lot of times a cat just needs to get used to a cat food. If your cat has been switched around on a lot of different types of food, it will cause poopie problems.

Some of the so-called "better" brands of dry/wet food are not found in normal grocery stores. You need to check out Petco, Petsmart, and specialty pet food stores for good brands. Unfortunately, their price tag is higher!