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just wanted to say "hello" we are going to be adding a kitten to our family at the end of June - she is eithe a Manx or a bobtail ( she doesn't have a full tail ( only 1of the 4 kittens was born with a full tail the rest all have bobtails or no tails ). My friend rescued the pregnant mom while on a trip and is giving us one of the kittens.
Our family also include 4 children ages 5, 7, 11, and 11, 2 long hair mini dachshunds ( Finn will be 2 in August and Baron will be 3 in December) and 2 rats ( Peanut is about 7 Months old and Moo is about 6 months old).

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Hi! Apparently this forum doesn't see a lot of action. Boo. We just welcomed a seven year old manx into our family of four kids, two hamsters and a handful of fish. wave