Could I be a Maine Coon mix?

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Our little Fluffy came to us just over a week ago and we already adore her! My mother-in-law adopted her from a kennel/breeder of Rottweilers and, unfortunately, she received very little info about Fluffy -- not even her approximate age or sex. We just went to the vet and she's about 4.5 lbs and VERY long. The vet guessed that she's about 12 weeks old. Based on her size and the way she looks we were wondering if she might be part Maine Coon? Or just a super-big and lovey DMH? I have had many cats through the years (we currently have 6 others) and I've never met one like Fluffy. She acts more like a puppy than kitten ... she follows us around from room to room, "talks" in this teeny little voice when we walk in the door, carries her toys around, licks us endlessly, and is incredibly gentle with my children. She won't even eat unless we are in the room with her. None of my kittens have ever behaved this way! I looked up Maine Coon kitties online, and everything seems to fit ... but I'm not at all familiar with the breed so I was curious to see what you all think. I've uploaded a few photos.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks so much smile

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Fluffy definitely has some of the markers of being a Maine Coon mix....the ear tufts, the super long whiskers. Does she have an M on her forehead? I'd say she is a Maine Coon mix.


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How about mine; is my cat a Maine coon?


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FYI, the "M" on the forehead does not mean they are Maine Coons. Majority if not all cats that are tabbies have the "M" on their forehead. I have a Manx that has the "M" on her forehead, she is definitely not a Maine Coon.