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Mr. B

Purred: Tue Jun 14, '11 12:49am PST 
all of Mr B's features say main coon. long silky fur, very large paws. racoon type bushy tail. some people have actually mistaken him for being a racoon and asked if he was one. personality like no other! we play hide and seek around corner walls. he plays fetch, puts his toys in his water bowl and scoops them out with his paws. huge paws he uses them as if they were hands. laying stretched out ive measured him at 35 inches. he must always be right in the center of everything im doing. and will follow me room to room until i stay still and then he will lay down. he is very vocal at times. mostly when hes about to be fed his wet food. he loves bottled ice water and much prefers to drink it from a tall cup rather than his water bowl. he loves when i blow bubbles..will follow me meowing for more. he is a pig with food and will eat everything and anything you put in front of him. he is a begger for food just like a dog would beg. he loves to be brushed and pampered. when he sleeps he almost always is on his back and completley strectched out as much as possible with this belly out and his back legs straight. totally relaxed and content. he is a big boy. very strong and very heavy.