Question about timing for neutering

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My mommy has a question. She wants me to have my kit & kaboodle removed within the next month. Her problem is the breeder told her to wait until 8 - 10 months to ensure I grow to my full potential.

My mommy is worried I could start spraying and she is trying to avoid that. Does anyone know if neutering a Maine Coon at 4 - 5 months adversely affects their growth?

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It didn't in my case! I was neutered at 41/2 to 5 months when I was rescued and right now, I'm about 20lbs, tall and loooong and friends of mine who are also Maine Coons say we don't stop growing until we're 5 years old!!! way to go My mom says she's never heard of neutering too soon affecting growth since those are 2 different systems in the body. Mom advises that you go ahead and get your baby neutered now rather than wait. As long as your weight is OK, you shouldn't have any problems!


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Oh, thanks. I was fixed 2 weeks ago and seem fine. At 18 weeks, I am a healthy 9lbs! Meowmy is happy it's over and frankly so am I.


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Our breeder said after six months (well we are spaying). For spaying the vet said as long as she has all her grown up teeth.

Our 6 month old (and she is 8.5 lbs already!) is getting it late August so she'll be 7 months. We need one more shot and the vet is closed for a week.

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I read a scientific paper on the Internet once that said that early neutering will not influence the size the cat eventually grows to be. This was about cats in general, not just Maine Coons. Maine Coons tend to be slow developers, and although I had Harvey neutered at 8 months, there was no spraying. Since I run a small cattery now, I make it a point to neuter males when they look mature enough (yes, that's subjective); Lamont, who is almost a year old, is going to be neutered next week, but he's never sprayed, nor does he show any interest in my queens (breeding females). In fact, he still sucks the nipples of any cat who lets him--he's always been slightly slow in development compared to my other cats. I certainly don't want him to impregnate any of my queens or female kittens, who are all related to him in some way or another (aunt, cousin, etc. No inbreeding going on here), so he's being caged until the Big Snip. I'd go for the early neuter if I were you. A cat's size, in my observation, depends mostly on heredity (big parents produce big children) and the quality and amount of food that Momcat gets before and after giving birth, as well as the quality of food that the kittens get.