Feedback regarding having an indoor only maine coon

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I am inviting feedback from maine coon owners and breeders regarding their thoughts on having an indoor only maine coon. I've researched the breed and my understanding is that they were first found hundreds of years ago in rural, mountainous regions in Maine. Therefore they developed the size and tufts and intellect to survive because they were not domestic and lived off the land. My understanding is that rural farmers first started taking these big intelligent cats into their homes to catch mice and developed a love/passion for them. So I am struggling with the notion of never allowing these big beautiful creatures to be in touch with their roots. Wouldn't it even be instictual that they would want to be outdoors in light of their history. Any ideas, suggestions, stories, would be helpful in me making a decision regarding my future maine coons


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First of all, are you referring to naturally bred Maine Coons, or "purebred" MCs who have grown up in catteries? My cats are indoor only, as I live in Tokyo, where the streets are not friendly. If you live in the country or a suburb, limited access to the outdoors might be all right. That means things like a cat run, or leash-training your cats. Yes, Maine Coons are a hardy breed who like their freedom. But if you let your cat go outdoors without supervision, they risk traffic accidents, kidnapping and torture, and exposure to nasty infections that are not necessarily protected by vaccinations. My MCs have never gone outside except in a carrier, and, since they were raised in a cattery, think the outdoors is TV. Rather than letting your cat outside, stimulating him/her with toys, cat trees, and a lot of TLC seems to be adequate. Not to mention that unless you are a breeder, allowing an intact cat access to the great outdoors is only asking for trouble--kittens that need to find homes, males who want to roam. If you desex your cat, the urge to wander is diminished. It's a personal decision on your part that depends largely on where you live. In the U.S., indoor cats have become the norm. In the U.K., keeping cats indoors is considered cruel. My childhood cat in the suburbs of Nowheresville America was indoor/outdoor (not a Maine Coon, a moggy) and lived to be 17. But I've had the experience of having a cat disappear, forever, into the night. There is no sense of closure there. Finding your cat's corpse after it's been run over by a car is no fun, either. It's your choice.


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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an indoor-only Maine Coon. Our breeder requires that our cat is indoor-only however we have been granted permission to take her out on a leash (which we have done with success with our domestic male). Of course, that also means we are current on shots and have Frontline on them.

Outdoor-only cats have scientifically lesser lifespans and are more unhealthy (pests from the outdoors, diseases, eating harmful plants, etc).

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Hi Timmy! I grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. All of my previous cats have been indoor/outdoor but mostly outdoor (or living in the barn). Having said that . . . now that I have my two little girls, they will not ever be going outside. I made that decision based on the fact that although we live in the middle of a city (outside of Chicago), I have seen coyotes running down our street!! Also, the speed of the traffic through our quiet little neighborhood is appalling! I also know that they can pick up all sorts of parasites, etc. by being outside; not to mention other animals they would come into contact with spreading germs. Oh, and then the worst fear of all . . . humans!! Human beings do unspeakable things to all animals; specifically cats. I guess maybe I'm a tad paranoid and maybe obsessive but they will not be going outside. I help myself feel less guilty about that by leaving the windows open whenever I can. They like to lay in the windowsill (with a screen intact, of course). That's just my humble opinion!

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I have an indoor only Maine Coon and she does fine. We have several large windows for birdwatching and rotate toys to keep her occupied. I used to take her out on a leash but she becomes Houdini and gets out of her harness.

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i have the opposite problem with my little girl she had a bad time as a baby and is terrified of outside. she will only go out with me and i have to leave the door open or she looses the plot! maybe if you found a rescue like gracie it might work out better for both of you? good luck