Im not a Siamese, right?

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Purred: Fri Oct 23, '09 6:49pm PST 
My mommy got me at petsmart and my papers say I am a siamese kitty..she does'nt think so. Mommy thinks I am a Himalayan mix. Maybe with some Ragdoll in me because when she holds me I like to go limp. Any thoughts?kitty

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Whatever you are...you are a beauty!
Mom raised both Siamese and Himalayans. We think you are a Siamese mix of some kind. Your fur seems too thick for a pure bred Siamese and your head looks a bit wide like a Himmy. We could be all wrong, tho...hard to tell by a pic!

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At first I thought Javanese but no...

Now I'm thinking you look Balinese, but I'm no expert ~^..^~