PT has some fur issues...

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Mr. Poop
Purred: Thu Jul 26, '07 8:18am PST 
I'm looking for some thoughts and suggestions. My 20-year-old friend, PT is having some horrible time with his fur. He's not a full blooded Himmy; he's half Siamese so he doesn't have the full Himmy coat, but it is dense. Granted, he's not grooming quite like he used to but generally, he's in good health and does pretty darn well for an old guy.
What I am concerned about is that I am noticing clumps of his fur starting to come out now. We've been grooming him, but he only takes it just so long as it seems to bother him after a short while.
Has anyone else had this happen to their dear friends? I have never had a cat this long, so I'm really at a loss. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed. I've got a call in to our vet as well, but I was curious about what other folks' experiences may have been.