Welcome i-5 Publishing!

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I'm the Bee's- Knees!

Purred: Wed Sep 10, '14 12:42am PST 
Lori Testing!


TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Wed Sep 10, '14 3:08pm PST 
Welcome i-5 Publishing!

dancingcheerhailhappy dancesnoopy

wave big grin


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Go Gently Into- the Night

Purred: Thu Sep 11, '14 10:23pm PST 
Gee, I didn't see this thread before. thinking

Anyway, thank you I-5 for saving Catster and Dogster. hugWe know how busy you are and how much work needs to be done before everything is up and running smoothly, but we do have a suggestion:

Be sure to LISTEN to our members. Terrific ideas come from our members and that's what made Catster/Dogster into the great site that it was and can be again. We are still here! wave

welcomewelcomewelcomecat on moon

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Ya gotta make- yer own- sunshine!
Purred: Fri Sep 12, '14 2:58am PST 
Yo Sterling! way to go If there's one thing we can all agree on... that's gotta be it! dog


Antipodean Fuzz- Butt
Purred: Wed Sep 17, '14 5:30am PST 

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