Show and Tell Friday May 16, 2014

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Hi I'm back from my mini vacation and boy did I have fun! The ride started with me being a little shaky and nervous. Maybe I thought I was going to the vet. But after about 30 minutes or so I settled down for the ride.

I'm calling this trip -- EAT FEST 2014! I got another steak on sunday for our annifursary. Mom and I shared her steak and dad shared his fish. Why he doesn't eat meat, I don't know.

Then I had breakfast at the table. Eggs and bacon. Did I mention that we are in Cambria? I also had snacks of my chicken treats and some cheese and salami and some of dad's deli sandwich.

We walked on the beach and on various paths. The weather was great. Chilly in Cambria but hot in Paso Robles where I wine tasted and napped in some of the wine tasting rooms.

I did meet mom's friend (Margaret) pups. There names are Emma and Bella. They are miniature aussies and they were a bundle of fur. They barked at me and I snarked at them. You know me. I'm a slow meeter greeter and there was no time for that because we had to get to the winery.

For dinner I had chicken. Mom gave me lots of her food so I stayed right by her.
After we left Cambria we headed to Pismo Beach where we stayed another night. This was just a kick back day and evening. Taking photos and just watching the sun set on the ocean. The weather was great and I got lots of walks. Boy I was tired.

I would have slept all the way home but we stopped for lunch and I had a burger. Oh I must have gained some pounds! But I think the walks leveled me out.

So that was my Tell. What's yours?


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I tell you...I'm jealous--is my tellshock

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oh Teecloud 9 that sounds like a FANTABULOUS trip!!!!! I like all the food! I just hung around here all weekend with Dad, M and A. I didn't get any foodfrown. Mom took Zuni to look for rats. She's doing good but Mom says that she isn't as excited about the rats as she is about racing. HELLO, it's cause the girl isn't allowed to eat the rats when she finds them!!!!

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RATS!???? Do you think Zuni would really like to eat a rat?? Rat soup? Rat Stew. I don't know. It doesn't sound tasty. I think it's a good thing that she's not eating rats. cheer

Maggie.....I'm jealous too. cry


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[I'm gonna post here, although the date's not the same...]
Mommy got really scared last night 'cause I woke up suddenly panting 'n' panting, which is something I rarely do, even when it's hot. Then I just plopped down, still panting a bit, but finally going back to sort of rapid "snores." I was on the bed with the pawrents when this happened. Mommy says I finally relaxed 'n' went to sleep all stretched out. I was fine this morning, but Mommy still thinks my behavior was strange! Has that ever happened to any of y'all??? shrug

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Shaki, the only time I've ever panted in the house was when I was biten by a spider or stung by a bee. I start panting and running all over the house.

I'm not sure why this would happen to you. Were you under the covers and maybe it got too hot? I've often times, got out from under the bed and flopped myself on the floor for some cool relief. Maybe this is what happened to you?

Maybe you had a bad dream.


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Thanks, Talker! Maybe it WAS a bad dream. Usually when I have one of those, though, I wake everyone up with a doggy "scream", then flop down. It was warm that night, so that could be it, too.hug