Happy Birthday, Bob! ♥

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Purred: Mon Mar 31, '14 4:19am PST 
OMC ~~~~ What a surprise !!!

Thanks to all of you for all the birthday cakes, goodies, drinks, and especially the coffee.
Thanks to all for your time and effort to pull this off too. I really didn't expect all this.
Lots of Purrs ~ Luvs ~ n ~ (((Hugs))) big hug to y'all !



Time For Bed- Yet?
Purred: Mon Mar 31, '14 5:22am PST 
Hope you have a lovely day Bob. I'm having a tipsy Texan burger to celebrate!


Tony's girl !!
Purred: Mon Mar 31, '14 1:53pm PST 
Mason with me ... I will help you to the table and even find a seat there for you !!

♥- Mason- ♥

Slinky, soft,- smoochy, snaky, - that's me
Purred: Mon Mar 31, '14 4:17pm PST 
awww, thank mew, Faithe hug

you might need a tow rope & truck to pull me to a seat though laugh out loud

Twix- (Forever- Missed)

Mrs. Chinacat - Alfie's Wifey -
Purred: Mon Mar 31, '14 4:23pm PST 
*Twixy & Preston curl up on Bob's lap and purr to the tune of "Happy Birthday to you".

Happy Birthday, Bob. I hope you're having a nice day today! flowers

Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Mon Mar 31, '14 4:38pm PST 
Bob, we hope you're having a pawsome day! wishespartywishespartywishes

Critter, Jack and I are going to have that Tipsy Texan burger and then have a go at the seafood buffet. Coco is already trying the bacon scallop pops and is also headed for the seafood! big grin

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