Since Dogster is closing the community...

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Black and white- Tri Party
Purred: Sat Jan 18, '14 12:23pm PST 
If you want a safe place to go and would like to keep in touch with me any of my sibling or meet up with new or old friends you are welcome to all come join Furiends. It is free. We started the site shortly after Facebook started deleting pet accounts. It is open to all pets and animals. People are welcome too. I really hope this does not come off as spam. I am just trying to help everyone stay connected smile Here is the link


Purred: Fri Jan 24, '14 2:38am PST 
we are very sad ! so many years , so many friends
mommy signed the petition but our chances of winning are slim crycrycry
I will keep all of you in my heart and the good moments we had together
love and angelĀ“s hugs