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With the sad announcement of Catster closing, I have decided to start a new forum where all of us can still get together. Please feel free to join Here Kitty Kitty, a very user friendly forum that is set up similar to Catster but includes a live chat and a gallery for all our pictures. The forum can be found here:

Here Kitty Kitty

Also for those that have furbabies with urinary issues, I also have a FLUTD group on Facebook and people are welcome to join that also; It can be found here:

The FLUTD Group
I hope to see some of you at either place.

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Thank you Macy, I'll go check it out! I haven't been to TWT in a very long time and I didn't realize nobody else had either. frownfrown I will miss TWT and all the tabbies.

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Purred: Tue Jan 21, '14 6:22pm PST 
Guess what everyfur! My fiancé just found a website very similar to Catster and we just joined. It's called Petster.com and all species are welcome. We can have our own pages and decorate them as we like. We can send friend requests, start groups and corral each other. They use different terms for these things, but it's the same idea.

Please, please everyfur, check out petster.com We could all stay together this way!

Czarina Smokey

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hey Catster back have you not heard

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We are still herewave