So sad to say good bye...

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Callie Rose

I See You
Purred: Mon Jan 20, '14 6:43am PST 
Good bye my friends it was fun playing with you we shall meet again i`m sure take care of your self and remember we love you


i'm not chunky,- i'm a DIVA!!
Purred: Fri Jan 24, '14 1:03pm PST 
you don't need to say goodbye wink
join me over at

i'm jen... owned by 3 pugs wink

the dogster community is going to be closing down in march, i know a lot of us will be sad to loose this part of the group interactions. i was wondering if you could help me spread the word. i have a pet community site that has free customizable profiles, messaging, chat rooms and was wondering of you would check it out, and spread the word. you can create private groups, and have message threads and lots of other cool functions.
hope to hear from you soon!!
~jen, thumper, bambi and sebastian

Jason Hopper

The Jas
Purred: Thu Jan 30, '14 11:49am PST 
Hey gang, let's restart this on We have too many memories to just walk away!!! Nuts on facebook by the way!!!

Here are my dad's two E-mail addresses.


Tabby- 'Tude
Purred: Tue Feb 4, '14 5:26am PST 
Jason - mom put your email in her contacts, we would love to stay in touch. Everyone's scattered to the four winds ... who would have ever thought this wonderful world of ours would come to an end.

Sad purrs ~ Maggie, Angel Aggie, Clawdius Meowximus, Purrcilla Softpaws & Stryder

Jason Hopper

The Jas
Purred: Mon Mar 3, '14 2:59pm PST 
OK, we are ALL staying, right? PLEASE!!! hail

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