sad new.. was curious would anyone like to make address book


Cool Beans
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 5:05pm PST 
me has a sad now.. i just read the very very sad news that our website is gonna close on March 3, we have a little bit of time to party and have fun with all our friends..

but my question in this thread.. is anyone willing to join me and maybe gather our contact information
like if we have Facebook, our FB links.. our email address and maybe snail mail.. cuz i love all my friends and i want to stay in contact one way or the other..

maybe we can either private message info or post it here and make a contact book


Cool Beans
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 5:54pm PST 
me and momma have set up a group over on facebook
for us to gather at.. its not the same as here but at least its somewhere we can gather and not lose our friends

please join us

♥Emma- CSD-Ret.&hea- rts;

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Purred: Fri Jan 17, '14 5:41am PST 
Nibbler- if this is to close, it will not be without an effort on our parts to save our home. Please do sign this petition: ia-save-our-catsterdogster-community/

If we lose this battle, we will find a way for all of us to stay in touch. There are so many people who are starting groups that I fear things will fragment. I am going to wait to see what is going on, and hopefully we can all get on the same page so we can be together.


Cool Beans
Purred: Fri Jan 17, '14 1:12pm PST 
i signed and shared that.. but also set up a friends group on FB