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i get what i- want when i want
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 10:50am PST 
Hey guys, it's Pearl welcoming you to Writer's Corner! welcomedancing This is purrrfect for writers who love to write stories and just hang out.

There is also a schedule. i will post it here.

Monday- Nonfiction day
Tuesday- Poetry day
Wednesday- Funny stories Day
Thursday- Letter Writing Day
Friday- Fiction Day
Weekends- Free Fun Day

So that's the schedule. Fun right? And of course, whenever someone writes their story, you should always compliment and tell the writer what you thought of it. (NO MEAN COMPLIMENTS ALLOWED!!!!) Oh! and speaking of no mean comments, here are the rules.....

1. No mean comments
2. No potty talk
3. No mean stories about any other Catster member
4. No mean stories AT ALL!
5. HAVE FUN!!!!!

OK so now that we have posted the rules, lets write! Write! Write! And have FUN! FUN! FUN!

Pearl and the Admin.


i am beautiful
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 10:54am PST 
OK since it's Saturday, that means it's Free Fun Day. happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance This means writing games, or whatever type of story you want. So lets start with the games....

This will be a fun writing game where you finish each other's story sentences until it becomes an awesome story. And remember the RULES of Writer's Corner!!!!

OK lets start.

Once upon a time in a castle afar, was a beautiful princess kitten, her name was Bella.


eat. sleep.- snuggle.
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 11:00am PST 
She had the purrfect fur and all of the kitties loved her.

This is so cool!


Black cats are- the best
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 12:14pm PST 
She was so loved, that every day the kitties would bring her a new toy to play with.


play all day
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 12:16pm PST 
But their was an evil Dragon that wanted to eat her.


sleep all day
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 12:18pm PST 
All the kitties were very afraid and did not know what to do.


i'm beautiful- it's true!
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 12:20pm PST 
There was a very handsome, strong, and brave kitty who wore shining armor.


be shore to- sneek in the- house
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 12:22pm PST 
The handsome cat was single and young.


Black cats are- the best
Purred: Sat Jan 4, '14 12:53pm PST 
Hoping to win the fair Bella's heart, he decided to challenge the dragon.


i am beautiful
Purred: Sun Jan 5, '14 4:18pm PST 
Great job guys! way to goway to goway to goway to go Keep on going! wishes kitty

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