Halo spent the day @ the vet!

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Purred: Sat Dec 21, '13 12:31am PST 
She's okay now. Had a very bad upset belly, fever, no appetite, and no drinking water. She terrified my mom. confused
Not sure what happened. shrug


I\'m so happy!
Purred: Sat Dec 21, '13 6:26am PST 
How scary frown Sure am glad she's feeling better.
Sending lots of loves to Halo kissingkissing

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I love cookies!
Purred: Mon Dec 23, '13 4:19am PST 
She's tired but getting better!! It's been a long time since she was ever that sick.

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Purred: Tue Dec 24, '13 6:22am PST 
So happy that Halo is feeling better.


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Purred: Tue Dec 24, '13 8:38pm PST 
Thanks! Halo is being switched onto the same homecooked and prescription diet as me. Hopefully she will do as well as I have on it.