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Today Harri wash Diary of the Day Doggie and thish wash in hish Diary:cry

Goodbye our Harri!!
November 12th 2013 3hi55 pm

G'day. It's Harri's Mum, Lynn ... This a bit hard for me to do but I have to tell you that our beautiful boy, Harri, left us to join his big sister, Lucy ,and all his mates in the big rabbit field in the sky. After our trip to Glen Innes Harri's health deteriorated rapidly and our Vet and Harri's friend, Peter, after examining Harri, informed us that he had a very fast growing tumour in his tummy and it was time for us to consider our options for him. We took Harri home to decide what was best for him and the following day we set off early in the morning for a day by the river, one of Harri's favourite places. We just sat all day with him and had a few short walks. We stayed till the sun went down and it was the most beautiful sunset. Just one of those very special sunsets that only happen occasionally and we decided that it was to be Harri's last. We called Peter when we got home and asked him to come to our home the next afternoon which he did. My husband, Mark and I were both with Harri when he left us, very peacefully, on a beautiful sunny Noosa afternoon in Harri's very own special garden. Harri knew it was his time to go. We could tell by the looks he gave us that he understood exactly what was happening and he was ready. We are going to miss him terribly. He was sooooooooooooo special. He was our life for 12 and a half years. There will NEVER be another Harri.. We loved that boy so very much.
There is nothing more I can say. It was so hard to write this through the tears but there is just one more thing I have to say for my boy ...

Up the Irish!!!!

We love you, Harri. You will ALWAYS be in our thoughts and the memories you gave us will never be forgotten.
Dog of dogs!!!!!!!!!!

Pawleashe note the hi 5 ish there, I thinksh coz of the time and emoticon that goesh with it. I copied it directly furom the page and of courshe would not putsh it there.

Pawleashe lendsh a paw of shupport to the family. Thanksh you. meditatebig hug

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Fly Free Harri and may your family find peace. Purring for them.little angel

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I'm so sorry...that was very sad to read too. Sending positive thoughts and prayers their way frownhughughughughug

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Thanksh you Jazzi and Scooter!big hug