Let's get started!!!!


i love myself- and my mommy
Purred: Thu Oct 17, '13 5:02pm PST 
Hey everyone!
Sorry we haven't been doing anything lately in the groupshrug but we plan on doing lots more!!!!happy dance So before we really get this group started, we need more membershug so everykitty needs to send some recommendations to their friends, and if you do I will send you a gift on your page. So just comment here if you invite someone and they come into the group! kittykittykittykitty
Bluebell. happy dancecheerlaugh out loud

MacKinzy An

Mama's lil bit- of trouble
Purred: Sun Oct 20, '13 1:41pm PST 
Thank you for inviting us.


i love myself- and my mommy
Purred: Sun Oct 20, '13 1:44pm PST 
No problem Mackinzy An! Welcome to the group!welcome