World War Z Movie Review

Savannah aka- Banners!

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Purred: Thu Jun 27, '13 11:06pm PST 
Ok I'm going to give my review of World War Z!!!!!

I had the banCam on big daddy this time around because mom gets too excited wiff these types of movies.

Here's my spoiler alert. If you don't want the spoil then stop reading this.

Okay... This movie is filled wiff action!!! Nonstop action. Dreamboat Brad Pittis the hero of this movie and you puppers who love to run will love this movie because all brad does is run run run!!

So the world is going crazy and zombies are taking over! How this happens is just crazy to me. So the peeps try to get away from the zombies and Brad tries to find cure.

Now the best part. One pupper who played a key role in the movie. No it wasn't a Basenjishrug Shock.

It was a chihuahua! Yes a chihuahua! Can you imagine? AND IT WAS ON A PLANE!!! Now mom and dad told us that we couldn't travel because we couldn't fly first class in the plane but yet this chihuahua was roaming around the plane and not staying seated and no one seemed to mind!!! Why? Because its small and weighs 6 pounds? Well I happen to know that my dad would pay three times the cost of a ticket to get me on. Yet here's this dog running around the plane and making a nuisance of himself. Ugh

Well anyways that was the last scene for that pup. I guess I'm glad he was in the movie but I think I would have been better for the role. After all I once alerted my mom to a potential fire in our garage wiff out yapping my mouth like that chihuahua! I used my nose and she got the message and I saved the day.

so the movie was good even if the chihuahua was in it and not me. Not that theres anything wrong wiff Chihuahuas. For pups who love to run well this is the movie for you.

I give this movie four pieces of kibble cheer for the action and because a pup got a leading role and held their own wiff Brad.


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Thanks for the review Banners! Mom said she may go see it, but she'll have to go without Dad. It's not his kind of thing.