Lucy's Latest Challenge, Ideas Anyone?

Angel Lucy- Liu(1-5-10/1- 0-29-15

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Purred: Fri Jun 7, '13 11:14am PST 
Lucy continues to challenge me with her
running and hiding from me to avoid this most recent physical therapy she's supposed to do. She still doesn't act like the PT manipulations themselves cause any discomfort or pain at the time the PT is being done, so if nerve hypersensitivity is at the root of her negative behavior, it must be some kind of delayed reaction.

Recently Lucy got so bad about running & hiding from me, even hissing and swatting with claws, that I totally stopped her PT for a few days. After a week without any PT, she now is back to being her lovable self, up on my bed wanting petted, etc. She even let me touch her right hind foot without running. But the moment I tried to massage it, she was gone fast as a lightning bolt. After about 15 minutes she came back again, although she was much more alert and wary.

The physical therapy so far seems to have some effect of making Lucy's right rear foot more flexible for a short time after the PT manipulation has been done. It hasn't had any long term effect though, most likely because Lucy won't let me do it nearly as often as it should be done!

Lucy puts a little weight on her right rear foot when moving slowly but when she runs, she runs on three legs.

For Lucy's foot to reach a point of improvement where her toes are uncurled enough that the pads on the bottom of her right rear foot touch the ground so she doesn't walk on the tops of her toes, she needs the physical therapy. However, her objections to this particular PT negatively affect her personality so much. I've tried giving her Pounce treats which she dearly loves, during her PT. That didn't help.

The challenge is to get Lucy Liu to let me do her physical therapy without it negatively affecting her behavior toward me.

Ideas anyone?