My Pet Store was Robbed!!!

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So since mom has been so busy wiff the baby, Big Daddy has been given the task of picking up my dawg food at Paw Boutique in Pasadena. Well he went on Monday and saw the place surrounded wiff cops!!! Someone tried or succeeded in breaking into my pet store!!!

I wished I was there because maybe I could have sniffed around for clues. Big Daddy couldn't buy my food.

So this morning he goes out there again thinking that the shoppe would be open. Lo and Behold!!! CLoSED!!! Apparently, they still had to gather more evidence or something or maybe those robbers cleared the who place out!!!! I don't know but I didn't get any of my food.

Mom was able to make one more final bowl of food for me, but tomorrow has to be the last try!!! I'll be sending Big Daddy out on another dry and wet run.

Wish us luck. Who would have broken into my favorite place???

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eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek
NO KIBBLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMD! I'll send you Stormie's right now! big laugh wink
We all hope the people who deprived the Pasadena pups of their kibble is caught. That's just mean to burglarize a pet store! frown

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thanks Finn for the support. Well Big Daddy went again this morning and he was able to get my food and also wet food. He also got info from the owner. Seems like a man maybe a homeless man, came into the store on Sunday looking for some "change". The owner didn't have the change or something and then he leaned across the counter to take a look into her cash registrar.

Well then she closed up shoppe but didn't empty the cash registrar. Well he broke in and took $500 in cash. The cops even found $100 in the alley where he dropped it. Well I guess the cameras got his pic and she's able to identify the person so she may be able to retrieve the money. He didn't touch the dog food.

relieved all is good and dad got me some extra pulled beef can food!!! snoopy

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Talker, I think you need to offer your services to the prosecution! There's no way the district attorney's office can prosecute this case with as much passion as you!


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Glad Big Daddy was able to get your food. What a fright! eek I'm also glad that everyone is ok.


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That is just SO wrong! Glad they finally opened and Big Daddy was able to get your food!