Samantha has lung cancer

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Hi all...Samantha is a 10 year old alaska eskimo dog. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. The family hasn't decided how to proceed. Whether to make her as comfortable as possible or consider going through treatment.

I know she could use some support. I have already stopped by her page too. I don't see she has any friends either even though she's bee on dogster for almost a year. That might be their own choosing? Anyhoo, hopefully you can stop by her page:

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How fury shad Scooter. I often wondersh about that too. I'm on my way.meditate

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How sad....angels on the way Scooter Cancer, Cancer Go Away!!!

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Samantha wash DDP Doggie today.

I ish shad to report that she crosshed the Rainbow Bridge on May 7.cry

Pawleashe shtop by and lend a paw of shupport to the furmily. Thanksh you.big hug

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Samantha shent me a pmail and ashked that I passh thish along: way to go

This is a recent update on the fungal lung cancer I have been extensively researching. Please pass this along to other pet parents that you know.

ALERT: On April 11, 2013, Samantha was diagnosed with fungal lung cancer. A lung cancer caused by a fungus in soils, in the air, etc. A person or furry child need only breathe in the infested air in our environment and they can acquire this disease. Samantha acquired this in Colorado in a field that is occupied by numerous geese. If I had only known this disease was present, I would never have walked my baby girl in this field nor the park (Expo Park) nearby. I blame myself for this and I certainly do not want you to blame yourself if did occur in your furry baby(s).

However, yes, it all has been tested and confirmed of where Samantha acquired this horrible disease.

I hope now what I write will help many of you out there to protect your furry babies. Please, please protect them. They need us and we need them. They were sent here for us and us for them. I cry when I write this, as I fear someone else may lose his or her furry child to this disease if they are unaware and I do not want that to happen. I do not want to see someone else suffer from their lose as it is devastating as anyone knows when they have lost a furry child. I have a neighbor who walked her Pug out into this field and the park and now her Pug has a hacking cough that sounds so much like Samantha’s. The onset of this disease can come on quickly and take away your furry baby(s) immediately or it can linger on for months or even a few years until it rips away your furry baby(s). It does not matter if your furry baby is healthy or unhealthy, as this disease will attack their respiratory system and/or digestive system. If your furry child did not inhale the spores in the soil or the air, they can acquire the disease by consuming goose feces. If the tumors do no invade their respiratory system, then it will invade their digestive system by the furry child consuming the feces and it will kill them. In Samantha’s case, she only breathed in the spores as we were walking in these goose-infested areas. Samantha was a healthy gal that should have lasted me at least another 5-years. I want you to have your furry child for many many years to come. I do not want to see you suffer with losing them to this horrible preventable disease.
WHERE DID IF STEM FROM and what to look for? Fungal lung cancer is prevalent in many states and is becoming more prevalent in other states. Years ago, this disease was not so prominent, but it is now becoming a major problem in many states and countries. Please do your research on the internet about Histoplasmosis, as that is what Samantha acquired. What you read on Histoplasmosis will frighten you and we need to be strongly aware of it for our furry baby(s). You will be shocked on what this disease can do to our furry children. This fungal lung cancer has now become prevalent in Minnesota and Colorado. Furry kids and even humans need only breathe the air near goose droppings and acquire this fungal disease. The fungal spores are airborne which is highly dangerous for all. The sad part is there are no signs or symptoms until it is too late. It is possible to rid furry kids of this disease if caught quickly by obtaining frequent chest x-rays. Again, it is hard to diagnose unless a pet parent(s) is really on top of their game. The symptoms that do occur at the final stages of the disease are a chronic hacking cough, chronic panting, shortness of breath, and rapid labored breathing. Your furry baby maybe will expel some blood tissue when they cough. Samantha has expelled the blood tissue when coughing. Our fur babies become fatigues easily, so exercise them very little. I suggest only walking them outside for their potty breaks and that is all. Take them back into the house quickly. Try to keep your home quiet with little stress as stress can cause them to have difficulties breathing. Therefore, a relaxing atmosphere is best. Remain positive in front of your furry child even though it may be difficult. If they see you are positive then they may perk up if even for a short time. They may think they are going to be around for a long time when they see other’s positive. Furry babies cannot sleep properly and their inner eyelid will become reddened when fatigued. They are breathing in oxygen, but little is coming out and so their lungs are always expanded. Samantha has to work hard to breathe especially when it is hot out or she has too much exercise or sometimes even a slight exercise. Samantha chest is a barrel chest, which is common in lung diseases in humans and furry children, as they cannot expel the oxygen they take into their lungs.

SUGGESTIONS: Mom suggests that we furry kids get chest x-rays at least semi-annually or annually in states where this disease is rampant. A great many furry kids have acquired this lung disease in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, and Canada, and other states. Just keep them away from areas where there are a large number of birds especially geese. Geese droppings are a major danger to our pets. There are no signs or symptoms until the last minute. So watch your furry children, please, for coughing, rapid labored breathing, and panting. If they are coughing and hacking for a minimum of two weeks with no signs that the coughing will subside, then please rush them to their Veterinarian immediately. Do not hesitate in bringing them to their doctor. There are medications to rid them of this disease and it’s expensive. In Samantha’s case, the cancer was to far advanced. Have air conditioning on when it hot or even when your furry child is just plain hot. The air conditioning will help assist them in their breathing efforts by cooling them down. Samantha is struggling to breath and it will not be too much longer when she will enter Rainbow Bridge. All I can do at this point is make her comfortable. Give her the medications she needs and spoil her to the hilt. It has been hard for Samantha. It hurts badly everyday to see Samantha struggling to breath. I know she will leave me and it will be hard. She and I have been very very close for nearly 10-years. She is my child. I am still in shock and I do not know when I will run out of tears for my baby girl. Every day I keep telling myself it is not fair that she acquired this illness. Please say a prayer for my Samantha. Thank you all for your wonderful support and please protect your furry babies from this horrific disease.

Please spread the word so that everyone can take precautions for their furry child. I do not want to hear or see of someone losing their pet to this awful disease, so be vigilant with your furry children, please. I don’t want to hear or see a furry child having to endure what Samantha has endured and do not want to see pet parents suffer. These little buggers are our children and we are their voices. Sometimes I wish they could talk to us and tell us if something is wrong. We certainly could make life much easier for them and for us.

Bless you all and keep yourselves and your furry kids safe!

Sue, Samantha, and Daphne

Thanksh you fur reading it and pawleashe passh it on.hug

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Oh my gosh Smiley...frown I'm glad you shared this. I remember Samantha and hearing she lost her fight frown Thanks for sharing Smiley hug

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You're mosht welcome Scooter!big grin