Mental Trauma, Socialization Problems, Behavior problems etc

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One of the commonest problems seen in cats is also one of the less recognized problems. In every genuine no-kill shelter I've seen, there are cats considered "unadoptable" due to problems caused by mental issues.

Mental issues, especially fear related problems account for many, probably MOST of the most difficult aggravating feline behavior issues. Most aggression in cats is fear-motivated aggression. Antisocial behavior in cats is usually fear-motivated.

When dumping animals at shelters, instead of telling the truth people tend to give one of a few excuses they think will be acceptable reasons to ditch their cat. Thus, its impossible for the cat's new adoptive owner to know the cat's true history. One must observe the cat's behaviors, attempt to understand why the cat is doing them, and come up with ways to reshape behavior that are positive for the cat.

Perhaps sharing our experiences in handling & dealing with cats with these kinds of problems, telling things that worked & things that didn't work, will help add to the knowledge of what to do & perhaps help others with similar problems choose to keep their cat, work through the problems & not dump the cat.