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We little black- kitties RULE!
Purred: Wed Mar 6, '13 5:55am PST 
Seeing that there seems to be no group yet for all Special Kitties (Kitties With Disabilities), I decided to create one. It is my hope that this group will positively thrive and grow and provide a valuable resource for all of us who have Special Kitties, know Special Kitties, & love Special Kitties. I also hope this group will help positively educate & show others that Special Kitties can & do learn to live full happy lives. Too many people have the attitude that a kitty with a disability should be euthanized & it is also my hope that this group will help to positively encourage people to adopt, rescue, or otherwise give a Special Kitty the greatest blessing of all, a chance to live a happy full life in a good loving forever home.

Allow me now to introduce my current Special Kitties.
Uno - had her left eye destroyed by a sharp object before she was even 4 weeks old. The eye eventually had to be completely removed.

Lefty - had her left eye blinded by a sharp object and her right eye partially blinded by a sharp object before she was 6 weeks old.

Righty - had her right eye partially blinded by a sharp object before she was 6 weeks old.

Splat Cat - Survived severe brain damage from being hit by a car.

Lucy Liu - Survived being hit by car. Had a broken pelvis that is now healed. Also suffered peripheral nerve damage to her right rear. Her right rear leg is continuing to slowly improve. How much she will recover is as yet unknown since nerves take a long time to heal.

Little Skittles - Was fecal incontinent as a kitten (cause unknown). Fortunately she eventually outgrew the problem and so far has never had any recurrence.

Hallie (now a Spirit Kitty after having crossed the Rainbow Bridge) - had a broken pelvis and evidence of other prior abuse injuries when I adopted her from a shelter. The shelter stated her age as 11 but her actual age was about 3 years older than that according to the vet.

Some of my special kitties of the past include:
Mastia, a black 3-legged shorthaired cat I rescued after someone had dumped him at the place where I bought dog food. He lived a good long life.

Woogums, a longhaired brown mackerel tabby & white cat whose owner was going to put him down after he was hit by a car. His left leg below the knee joint was a mess of dried exposed bone and shredded tissue. I talked his owner into letting me take him. Woogums leg was amputated and he too, lived a long healthy happy life.

Odette - a beautiful deaf snow white longhaired kitty with blue eyes. She had a cottony coat that tended to mat and tangle easily & went to the very best adoptive home I could have ever found for her. Odette was adopted by a lady who was a professional groomer.

Cloudy, a blind red mackerel tabby whose corneas were severely scarred from herpes virus

Rusty - a black Persian mix who had a stroke at age 12 which rendered her blind for her last year of life before another stroke took her to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13.

Scooter - a brown mackerel tabby & white cat who was bitten through the chest as a kitten, resulting in paralysis to his front legs. He regained most of the use of his front legs.

There are other Special Kitties I've had in the past such as the two heart defect kitties who never grew beyond the size of 4-month old kittens and who both died around 2 years of age. Although their lives were too short, they were happy and clearly enjoyed life. There are a few whose names I don't recall at the moment, such as the little blue & white male who survived being hit by a car but only lived a few months after I took him. His death was due to kidney injuries that weren't obvious at the time he was dumped at the vet clinic after having been hit by the car. Other Special Kitties I've had in the past include a kitty who was declawed on all four feet & had problems with one forepaw and one rear paw due to the botched declaw-he lived 16 years, a few kitties with malabsorption problems (some of these may have been due to what is now recognized as IBS), a kitty with FIV who lived a long life in spite of it, and others.
So far I haven't yet had a cat with CH but I'm sure that eventually my time will come & a CH cat who needs a chance at life will cross my path. When that happens, I hope this group will be full of members & that I'll be able to turn to my own group's threads for information & advice on keeping & enriching the life of a CH kitty.

To everyone who comes here, WELCOME! & May ALL your Special Kitties live long full happy lives in wonderful loving indoor forever homes!


Silly girl
Purred: Fri Mar 8, '13 4:17pm PST 
I'm Ashlynne and I had my right eye removed two years ago because some spots of melanosis in my eye -- eye 'freckles' -- were transitioning to iris melanoma. I was almost 11 at the time. As soon as I was recovered from the surgery (after THREE long weeks confined to one room with nothing at all in the room to climb on and wearing a hard plastic cone the whole time!!), I went running through the house to make sure everything was still where it should be, and then I headed for some shelves high up on the wall. Who needs two eyes to run and jump and climb? Not me!

Okay, I'll admit I've fallen off some things a time or two, but other cats do that, too. So I don't think I have a disability... but I AM special! wink Mom thinks I'm even more special now.


We little black- kitties RULE!
Purred: Sat Mar 9, '13 8:47pm PST 
Welcome friend & feline "sister" Ashlynne. We are all so glad you joined our group! Hey don't feel bad about occasionally being klutzy. Velcro isn't a Special Kitty (unless his brain has a problem nobody knows about...I sometimes wonder because he loves to swim & he likes to eat things such as blueberries...he comes to Mom's son when he calls him just like a dog does...very atypical cat behavior) but Velcro is a big klutz. He's always knocking things down or jumping up & missing his landings, etc. He never gets hurt though, he just gets embarrassed & when he knocks stuff down he hauls tail out of the room before Mom can catch him & find out who knocked everything down!

So don't worry Ashlynne. Besides, I'm one-eyed too & Mom says I'm the fastest most coordinated kitty she's ever had. Mom just told in my diary how I moved like black lightning with deadly accuracy & stole a piece of Mom's pizza & was under the bed out of reach eating it before Mom hardly knew what happened. I ate it all too & it was good. Being one-eyed does NOT make us klutzes at all Ashlynne. Usually what makes us klutzy is hearing our humans approach when we're doing something we know they don't want us to do & we get nervous & try to hurry too fast so we can avoid getting caught. THAT's when we usually get klutzy!

cat on moon

♥Neik- o♥

oh wise one
Purred: Tue Mar 12, '13 9:07pm PST 
Hai, I'm Neiko. I have psychological problems and am nervous and timid..its a disability, too.
I was doing real good until this past Halloween. Meowmy scared me real bad, she didn't mean too, and I just haven't been the same since..although I have made strides in the past couple of months..its a long process. In the meantime Meowmy finally found out where I came from..a farm not far from where I live now. According to the ones who own that farm, my birth mother had problems too.

Well, my Meowmy has gone up and down with me..she's felt bad, responsible, cried a million tears. Now, after the last episode where I go a little "off" and hid in the basement this time, Meowmy realized I'm not afraid of her, I just need my own time, and yes it was hard on Meowmy to see me afraid of everything and hiding under a blankie and running around with my tail between my legs. Meowmy has decided that she will just keep going about our everyday lives as usual, like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. This helped bring me around.

I really enjoy looking out the window!! Do you?


Purred: Tue Mar 12, '13 10:08pm PST 
Neiko welcome to our group. You're right that you have a disability that's every bit as legitimate as a physical disability. Cats can have fear issues, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems just as humans can. The only difference is that we kitties can't clearly tell our humans what traumas we've been through in our past, which makes it harder for our humans who love us, to help us.

Has your Meowmy ever talked to your vet about trying any kind of anti-anxiety medications for you or the Feliway pheromone calming spray (which our Mom read today is actually Valerian herb)? Medications such as Prozac can help animals just as it helps people & quite a few people say that the Feliway helps calm a cat.

Maybe somebody else here has had personal experience with using an anti-anxiety medication or Feliway with one of their cats & can tell you of their experience. Our Meowmy is thinking she might possibly try Feliway for a very fearful nervous kitty someone brought her coz their relatives didn't want the cat anymore & they knew I'd take it to keep it from being put down. Meowmy says its really hard trying to figure out just what things trigger that kittys fears because sometimes its like few things can trigger the kittys fears and other times its like that kitty is "hair-trigger" and everything triggers the kittys fears. The only time that kitty is confident is when she's locked up in a big crate where she feels safe but Meowmy is trying to teach her that the housecat world beyond the crate is safe too.

Purrs to you Neiko. If you know of any of the things that happened in your past to make you fearful, or even if you were just born that way, please tell us more of your story. This group is for telling of our experiences & for trying to positively understand, support, and help each other & also to show the world that we Special Kitties deserve a good life and a forever home too!

♥Neik- o♥

oh wise one
Purred: Wed Mar 13, '13 9:48pm PST 
Hi Lefty

Well, lets see, I have posted some of my stuff in my diary and have had comments about the Feliway plug -ins and calming collars. I won't let my Meowmy pick me up anymore and I won't lay on her lap anymore either, so how is she going to put a collar on me? The plug in or spray is what we would try..not sure if we can get it up here in Canada. Have talked with a vet..she is actually American and living and working in Neepaway, Manitoba..that's where we travel to go to the vets..it's a half an hour away. Anyway this vet will not put me on anything..she said I am too young for steriods (now this was when I was hardly eating) I eat better now, but am thin..actually, I probably look like a cat is suppose to, *shrugs shoulders*..have to go to the vets maybe in May, so have to work on something to take to keep me calm.

Ok..this is my story: I somehow ended up living under the building where Meowmy was working..it was a car dealership, so just imagine all the vehilces moving around and the mechanics spinning their wheels and reeving the cars around. I was only about 3.5 - 4 months old. It was December 2/10 and it was -40 (yes 40 below zero outside)..there was straw under the building to keep pipes warm, and me too!..anyway I was trying to dumpster dive cuz I was really hungry..and Meowmy saw me and said, "here Kitty Kitty..I heard her and went running to her. Meowmy went in and asked if she could give me some of the dog food and they said NO!..the cat can catch mice..UH huh..its winter out and lots of snow..how was I suppose to do this..Meowmy went to her area to work for about two minutes but could here me Meowing loudly and couldn't get me off of her mind, so she phoned a friend and they came and got me and looked after me until Meowm was finished work. Then we went home. I was suppose to only be there for 5 days max..well..by the time limit Meowmy fell in love with me and kept me...Ok so everything is going good until Halloweeen 2012..Meowmy was gone all day and came home to get me to the vets in a hurry..I couldn't figure out what she was trying to do..trying to get me in a cage..NO WAY..I ran around and she chased me and then cornered me in the bedroom and I started crying and I peed myself..when that happend Meowmy stopped in her tracks and sat on the floor and started crying reeally hard..she realized she scared me and felt bad. I wouldn't go to her for a long time..but now I do!..I jump around and play..ask for food and treats and lay close to her. Most of the time life is great and then for no reason like a a couple of weeks ago, for no reason I got scared and hid down stairs.. Meowmy came down and visited with me and fed me down there..I came back upstairs within a couple of days but it was up and down the stairs quickly..I didn't come around fully to be myself for about five days. Meowmy told me this time around while this was happening to me that I felt safe in the spare bedroom downstairs and I could have this space as my own and she wasn't going to change anything..life was going to just go on like normal and we both think this really helped.

We don't know what sets me off. The owners of the mother cat where I came from (he was a mechanic where Meowmy worked) said my fur Mowm looked just like me and my sisters as we were all gurls in our litter. My fur meowm apparently was psychologically different too..they called it not a nice word!..Meowmy doesn't care..she is going to keep me and love me!..right now I am playing with a ball in the living room bouncing it around and skate boarding pouncing off the front of the couch!


Purred: Fri Mar 15, '13 4:26am PST 
I read that Feliway is actually the Valerian herb. Valerian is a relative of catnip although Valerian herb has a nasty smell. Valerian is supposed to be the original source for the drug Valium although my mom hasn't cross-referenced that to verify its accuracy yet. As for collars, cats have very little tolerance for such things & anyway collars can be dangerous. When Mom used to have to put cats on leash to take them to nursing homes to do pet therapy programs, etc, she made them wear a figure-8 harness & says if it's put on right, that's the only escape-proof & safe thing for a cat to wear. Mom makes Lucy Liu wear a figure-8 harness & lightweight leash when she's working with her so in case Lucy tries to crawl under something, Mom has a safe "handle" on her to get her out again & not risk hurting her. It only took a day for Lucy to get used to the harness. Lucy likes it now since just as often as Mom puts it on her for therapy, Mom also uses it to take Lucy & let her lay on the bed with the rest of us.

Your fur Meowmy's problems may have been caused by humans too, especially since her human owners were saying bad things about her. Temperament & behavior is part inherited & also part learned. Your fur Meowmy could have taught you kittens to be nervous & fearful or you may have been born with that temperament. Remember too, that in the wild a fearful cat is the cat that's most likely to survive.

We have a family member here (her name is Wiggles-she's not on Catster) who is a daughter of Lily. Wiggles was born at the old farmhouse & handled since birth yet ever since birth she has had the temperament of a feral cat. She will come up to be petted only when our human Meowmy is in the bed. If any human tries to touch her at any other time, she will run away & if she's cornered, Wiggles will fight & get so scared she will urinate & defecate all over herself. Wiggles gets along with all us other cats & as long as humans just leave her alone she's no problem at all. This means the only times she's a problem is when Mom is catching us & giving us our monthly flea drops, etc, clipping claws, or doing other such necessary things to us cats that we don't particularly like. Wiggles is always the most terrified, the hardest to catch, & the only one who pees & poops all over herself in fear when caught.

Lily, Wiggles mother, is a very sweet loving friendly cat. Phantom, Wiggle's sire, was also a very sweet loving friendly cat. Wiggles litter sister Whoops was as sweet & friendly & normal as Wiggles is feral & fearful in temperament. Whoops isn't on Catster either although our Meowmy has wondered if it might be educational to put Whoops on Catster. Whoops died at 1:25 am 11-10-11 of a devastatingly vicious fatal autoimmune disease called generalized pemphigus foliaceus. She was just under 6 years old when the disease struck her. Its first symptoms-a small patch of hair missing behind each ear. Nothing the vets tried worked to stop the disease or even slow it down (which unfortunately, usually is the case.) A few months later pemphigus sent Whoops across the Rainbow Bridge.

Mom has another cat besides Wiggles-this one is named Shadow & Shadow is terrified of everything except when she's in her extra large plastic dog crate she's confident with humans. If she's loose in the house, she's terrified of everything & will just hide under the couch & will pee & poop under the couch too. If another cat gets close to her she will pee on herself in fear. Mom adopted her from the shelter because she'd been there over a year & her record indicated she was vicious & Mom likes to adopt "unadoptables." Shadow is very happy living in her crate that's on top of the crate Kim lives. Up there Shadow can't see the other cats, they can't bother her & Shadows at an ideal height to interact with humans from the safety of her crate. (Kim's a toothless 16-year old cat who's been fighting CRF for almost 2 years now.) BTW Shadow isn't vicious at all, all her aggression is totally fear-motivated.

Mom says your Meowmy is an earthly Angel for loving you & being willing to accept you as you are & keep you & for trying to understand you & not getting mad at you when your fears get the best of you. Mom always says she wishes us cats like you & Shadow could tell what terrified you so much in the past & that it was possible for your humans to be able to reassure you that there's nothing to be afraid of. It's difficult to help a kitty overcome fear when one doesn't know WHAT the triggers for those fears are. It's also tough when a kitty is that fearful but the human is doing something necessary for the cat's health & wellbeing & has to persist despite the kitty's fears.

Lucy Liu even has some kind of fear we don't understand yet. Her not wanting to move except for bolting for the safety of the crate as fast as she can get back into it, is motivated by some kind of fear. Lucy's not afraid of the rest of us cats but it's clear there's something she fears when she's not in the crate. Lucy used to be an indoor-outdoor cat before she got hit by a car & ended up here. Maybe her fears have something to do with that.

So to sum all this up, Neiko, you & your human & your family certainly aren't the only one fighting big fears. All you fearful kitties here are just lucky to have forever homes & Meowmies that really are committed to making sure your forever homes are exactly that, FOREVER.

Righty (Lefty made it to an upper perch of the new cat tree today & now she's up there she doesn't want to come down & have anybody steal her spot so I agreed to answer for her today.)kitty


Disabled and- Mighty
Purred: Mon Mar 18, '13 11:34am PST 
Hi im new and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Athena. I was born with a birth defect in my front legs. On my right side I have a clubbed foot due to the missing joint that allows it to flex. So in other words it's permanetly dislocated. On my left side, I have a condition called radius curvis. Basically the radius is curved. Nice to meet you all.


Purred: Tue Mar 19, '13 7:55am PST 
Welcome to the group Athena, we're delighted to have you. I'm sure you have many interesting & informative things to tell us about how Athena compensates for her disabilities, does what she wants to do in spite of them & in other ways shows the superior intelligence that our special kitties seem to be blessed with.

In my many years of living with Special Kitties, I have time & again seen our special kitties demonstrate intelligence & problem-solving skills beyond that of ordinary cats as they (our special kitties) adapt, compensate, and overcome life's obstacles with an attitude of positive determination, enthusiasm, and a zest for life that proves just how much our Special Kitties love life.

Angel Whoops- (7-21-05/11-- 10-11

Purred: Thu Mar 21, '13 11:09am PST 
I just added Whoops http://www.catster.com/cats/1289144 to the group, the daughter of Lily who went to the Rainbow Bridge 11-10-11 after being ravaged by the absolutely awful & deadly autoimmune disease generalized pemphigus vulgaris. I decided I should put up her profile to educate people a little about her disease, to show how minor her early symptoms were-I never would have guessed by her early symptoms that she had a disease that would kill her within only 4 months time, & to possibly help anybody else who has a cat with pemphigus.

Whoops was born with a tear duct defect that made her tears run down her face. Early on she learned to come to me at least twice a day to wipe her eyes & face, sometimes more often than that if the tears started to dry into that dark crusty stuff. Occasionally her constant tearing would make her face by her eye corners sore, a thin smear of Vaseline would protect her skin & clear up the irritation.

Other than her tear duct defect, Whoops was totally healthy until July 2011. Then she started losing a bit of hair around her eyes & her coat was thinning on her back. It appeared to be just an ordinary case of flea allergy dermatitis with the exception of the loss of hair & a slight crusty looking appearance to the skin around her eyes. However she had been rubbing at the area around her eyes for a couple of days before that, which could account for both the loss of hair around the eyes & the crusty appearance.

In Whoops profile, the bottom photo shows how these early symptoms looked. Whoops problem clearly wasn't contagious since no other cat had any hair loss & flea comb checks came up clean on Whoops & several other of the cats I checked. I suspected an autoimmune problem, Whoops saw the vet, biopsies were taken, tests were run, etc.

Whoops had generalized pemphigus vulgaris, one of the worse forms of a group of autoimmune diseases called pemphigus. Pemphigus is considered to be uncommon but it almost always ends up being fatal in cats. She was put on high doses of steroids to try to control the disease & cover antibiotics to prevent infection.

A few days later Whoops' problem had worsened. The last photo in her Plus Photo Book shows a closeup of her face & head where you can see a large patch of hair has fallen out between her ears. From the areas around her eyes, around her ears, along the edges & the backs of the ears, on the back of her neck, down her back, & along the topside of her tail, the hair loss began to spread outward & downward. Her skin began to change to a dark dry thick crusty consistency that would break in pieces & fall off in pieces varying from the size of crumbs up to chunks the size of a nickel. As advised, I started applying Vaseline to Whoops skin in all the affected areas every day, to try to moisturize it, soften the crusts, & give protection to small areas that would ulcerate when skin fell off them. I moved Whoops to the bathroom for ease in caring for her.

The disease progressed rapidly. Throughout Whoops war with this horrible nasty autoimmune disease of generalized pemphigus vulgaris, she surprisingly seemed to feel fairly good until right up to the last. Right up to her last two days of life, she ate well, had decent weight, etc & her friendly affectionate personality remained so. Different steroids & different strengths of steroids were tried to no avail, the disease continued its deadly assault on Whoops skin. On the next to last day of Whoops life, she spent more of her time than usual curled up in her bed. For the first time since the pemphigus had attacked her, Whoops became slightly dehydrated & had to have fluid therapy.

By the time Whoops crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 10, 2011, she only had a little hair left on her body, on her lower hindlegs, her lower forelegs, a tuft on her chin that looked like a goatee & some other patches on lower areas of her body. The rest of her skin was affected by the pemphigus. I have one photo I took of Whoops on the day she passed, in case it's ever needed for educational purposes or show people just how innocuous the early symptoms of the disease were & how totally generalized pemphigus vulgaris ravaged Whoops & took her from healthy to dead in only 4 months time. I did not post that photo on Whoops profile because I feel it's too graphic to post publicly, yes generalized pemphigus vulgaris made her look that bad.

Whoops is the first & only cat I've ever had with pemphigus. I had never heard of it until Whoops was diagnosed. It's the nastiest wickedest cat disease I personally have ever had to deal with in any cat I've ever owned. It's a disease I hope I never have to see ever again. Once was too much!

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