What Goes On At MCAW - Stays At MCAW, like in Las Vegas!


La vida loca in- America's finest- city
Purred: Thu Feb 28, '13 10:28pm PST 
If you're over worked, over purred, over loved,happy dance then here's your place to vent ALA ManCat style! What goes on at Man Cats At Work STAYS at Man Cats At Work.

Vent away Man Cats!happy dance


Hakuna Matata
Purred: Sun Mar 3, '13 7:11am PST 
I hope you don't mind but I have good mews to report happy dance
I am now an inside kitty!!! I go out to the back patio when mom goes to feed the horses but then I run back in the house with her when she comes back in. I Love sleeping on the couch! I love watching movies on mom's lap.I have to learn to use the scratching post though confused
Mom is wondering how much of an inside kitty I will be when the weather gets nice .
HHHmmmmm thinking me too.


Prof Mango, Esq - smarter than you- think
Purred: Thu Jan 9, '14 11:17am PST 
I just have to say I hate when my dad has to get up right when I jump on him. I don't care if you gotta pee, MOL!! laugh out loud