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Do you even- lift?
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I wasn't originally planning to feature Fenrir in this challenge, but after my photography session with both dogs yesterday, I ended up with a picture that looked so joyful, I couldn't resist using it.

While Onyx is typically a serious, intense dog, Fenrir is much more lighthearted and happy-go-lucky. He was adopted from a shelter at around 7 months old, after having been there since 8 weeks. I believe dogs rescued after long periods of time in a shelter really do understand on some level that you saved them. For Fenrir, just being alive each day seems to be reason enough to celebrate. Onyx only knows the good life, so he clearly feels entitled to everything good that comes his way. Fenrir on the other hand, responds to any act of kindness with a gratitude that is heartwarming to see. This picture was taken on the walk we go on nearly everyday. It's always the same walk, but every single time, Fenrir runs, pounces, leaps, and bounds like it's the greatest thing he's ever experienced. And for a dog that spent the first months of his life in a cage, it probably is.

Celebrating every day of life

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I'm last minute this week! I think it's called "Pregnancy Brain". wink

It's Maple's week! Maple is our second baby after Gunner. Maple is a cat.

Lets talk about cats and their view of life for a second. Cats have no regard whatsoever of another living being, human or otherwise. They don't understand respect. They have no use for human antics and they especially have no use for chores!

So, when a warm, freshly folded pile of laundry appears on our bed, how do they respond? By immediately curling up on a just-folded, still-warm pair of pajama pants. Who cares if the humans have to fold the rest of the clothes? Who cares if the second kitty, Minion, is on top of the pile laid out to be hung up. It's much more practical (and significantly less monotonous) to use that nice, clean laundry as a nap spot!

Mom is monotonous, so I'm going to be practical!

♥- Sandy~SD- ♥

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The SD after Sandy's name stands for Service Dog. She just loves being able to help me & watch over me when we go places. When she is out working she is a bit more serious but very happy. This photo was taken while we were out shopping together. I had been looking at the pants on this rack. When I sat back down in the riding cart I was using I noticed that Sandy had gone under the rack. I took out my cell phone which is my camera. After I was ready to take a photo I said her name she turned around, sat down then poked her head out with a big smile on it from between the pants hanging. I love the glint in her eye and the smile on her face in this photo. To me it shows how happy she is when we are out and about together.
Happy Sandy

Midnight - SD

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sorry to be late again this week Midnight photo will be posted asap

Midnight - SD

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I'm not to sure if Midnight's photo is the Monotony or Celebrating by being one contented boy. When he was about 3 mos old he was found running out in the street with his brother. At which time he was rescued from that life. For the next few months after that most of his time was spent in an outdoor kennel. Then he was adopted us and for the first time in a long time he was finally living inside all of the time. Not long after getting him I found out that he really dislikes going out when it is pouring down rain. Now last night a major storm blew through here. He still doesn't really like going out when it is poring out but does. After we come in I always dry the dogs off. Once we were done I laid down on the sofa. Midnight came up & joined me. I was looking at him as he slept and thought how content and safe he must feel now. With that said I would say my boy is
Celebrating Life While Sleeping

Pearl Irene

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Well, I just about completely forgot about this shock

The Monotony of Life

Pearl would like to describe her own photo this week: "As you can see, I am enjoying my human's lap. Since this is something that happens every single day, and pretty much goes on all day long, it is quite monotonous. At least, it is my opinion that it should happen all day every day, but unfortunately, my humans don't quite understand me, and so they don't hold me as much as they ought to. Anyone know how to make humans hold them more? shrug"

Winnie Mae

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Winnie says, "Hey, if Pearl got to describe her picture, then I get to talk about mine! For you younger pups out there, you must learn one very important thing about life with humans: they can do everything faster and better than you can. When I have an itch, I skillfully position myself very close to my humans and scratch away, and whimper most dramatically. 'Winnie!' They exclaim, and then rush to my aid with a good ol' rubdown. When I want food, I send Pearl over to the food dish and have her clang against it most insistently until they come and fill it up. And, most importantly, when a dog wants to sleep somewhere comfortable, there is no place better than a human's lap. To get such a desired position, all you must do is dig around in your bed for a while, then lie down, then hop up in distress and circle three times. Then plunk yourself down again, sigh discontentedly, and repeat. Do this until they finally get the hint and pick you up. Sadly, most humans are very thick-headed, so it may take them quite a while to figure out what you want. However, they are easily trained. Just be sure to reward them with a lick on the cheek and some enthusiastic tail-thumps when they do it right. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've landed a comfortable spot on someone's lap, and I'm looking forward to a long nap."

The Practicality of Life

Onyx, SD

Legitimate- Mobility Dog
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Onyx has an incredible sense of humor and when I saw this challenge, I was sure I could choose from one of the million fun and frivolous ways Onyx celebrates life each day. But then, life became very serious for us.

Yesterday afternoon, a tornado ripped through our neighborhood. Just a block to the East of our home, several structures collapsed, vehicles were tossed around like toys, and several 100-year-old trees were uprooted.

Our home was left completely untouched. We lost our electric service for several hours, but that was the extent of it. It was a reminder that celebrating life isn't always fun and frivolous. It can be as simple as knowing your familiy is safe and sound, sheltered from the storm, even when you're powerless.

Talker, Our- Forever- Angel

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I just got a chance to post this photo. I took it with my cell phone. Some may know that Talker had surgery last Thursday. He had a very large lump removed from his neck and some lumps removed from his chest and arm. In addition to all that, he had his teeth cleaned and three unforeseen tooth extractions. Yikes! Needless to say, he wasn't feeling very good and this photo was taken the day after his surgery.

Since I stayed home with Talker on Friday, I did the chores and one of them is folding clean laundry. I piled up the clean clothes onto the couch so I can begin sorting. I can easily be distracted when it comes to folding clothes, so I must have got up to do something. Well, Talker took it upon himself to make use of the pile of warm clothes. He got himself up on the couch and on top of the clothes. When I returned I snapped this photo.

The Monotony of folding clothes...UGH. But when I find pleasure of seeing my boy finding comfort in the warmth of the clothes...well I have to guide practicality out the door. I waited until Talker moved (much later) and folded the clothes after he left his joy spot.

A grainy photo in low light..I know..but the deeper meaning is there for me.

the warmth of laundry

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Its beautiful.

Technique is.. science

Emotion and true meaning are worth ALL and more than any science.

hughughug Get Well SOON Talker hughughug

Off to do errands......

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