Monthly Gathering of Paws

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Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 12:50pm PST 
We have been tossing some ideas around for some events we could all pawticipate in here on PenPaws...what do you all think about having a monthly gathering here (at a set time and date) where all members could pop in and say hi and chit chat....just to have a fellowship opportunity and to get to know each other a bit better?
I think it would be a fun way to "hang out" here on catster and play!
Please leave your thoughts and ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc.... here!
Thank you furs....


MomKatt's Black- Dahlia!
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 12:54pm PST 
Meowlo Nermal!

I never get to come in here, I'm always so busy & BCCP ... that sounds like a great idea!

Purrs to you!
Morticia cat on moon


Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 12:55pm PST 
thanks, Morticia!!! nice to see you again!!!!! big hug


J'ai un œil!
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 1:09pm PST 
Hi Nermal! *runs in & over Morticia*

Did I miss anything??? *brakes screech*

hamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dance


cadillac style
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 1:40pm PST 
Hi Selina!!!!! Good to see just made it in time for the treats...we are passing those out rightnow....*Nermal passes ehr treat bag around to all her friends...we are all meeting up in the Nip N Bones CAfe for movie night and food! Come on over and join us!!!!happy dancehappy dancehappy dance


Is it time to- eat??
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 2:51pm PST 
This would also be a good time for new members. So always feel free to invite your friends to any of the gatherings! More the merrier! cheerhi5

Xena- Princess- Warrior - DG#23

Xena the Warrior- Princess
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 4:05pm PST 
What a great idea, I think when there is a month with no holidays for sending cards or we don't want to do posties to do a "FRIENDSHIP DAY" we could send cards to our friends like we always do and then we could with the help of admin...send one to those that haven't been around in a while...and try to get them to visit once in a while and show them we are all friends & we care....way to goshrug


How may I pounce- you today?
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 4:42pm PST 
That is a very good idea Xena!way to go

Tigger - Dreamboat- #109a

I'm so handsome
Purred: Fri Jan 25, '13 1:46am PST 
I think this is a very good idea Nermal smile

Mum is so busy just now sorting out grandma's house etc. but when she had more time she's going to be much more active in Pen Paws and organise something too.


Purred: Fri Jan 25, '13 11:17am PST 
Love the ideas! We're furry excited!!! Xena, Friendship Day sounds great! Thank you so much for the idea!!!!applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

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