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Moose DB- #102b

As a matter of- fact, this is my- house
Purred: Mon Apr 14, '14 3:50pm PST 
Dang, I want our windows open too, I want to go on the porch and enjoy the sunshine. But we had snow this morning, about a 1/2 inch and then it was only in the 30's today.

I am waiting for mom to get the grill out too. I love it when we grill in the evenings as that usually means I get to wander around outside. But for now all I can do is sit at the porch door and wait


The Lion King
Purred: Tue Apr 15, '14 7:51am PST 
Snow again MooseshockshockshockshockshockIt's going to be 88 here today, purrfect grilling weather.


Prof Mango, Esq - smarter than you- think
Purred: Tue Apr 15, '14 7:25pm PST 
We had a dusting of snow again. It's April, it should be warmer!

Marmelade DB- #98

I'm a kneader!
Purred: Tue Apr 15, '14 8:32pm PST 
Hi Everyfur!

It's warmer than it normally is in April. Mom doesn't like it but I do! big grin


I love to play!
Purred: Wed Apr 16, '14 4:04pm PST 
wavewavewave We had a bunch of nice days in a row but now it's cloudy again frown Good day for napping cheer


The Lion King
Purred: Wed Apr 16, '14 6:32pm PST 
Everybodywavewavewave Happy Hump daycheer It was 92 today, a great day to sunbathcheer

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