A Pup named Scooter needs lots of power of the paw

Ivy Joy

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Copied and pasted from Natalie in the C&D Cruise Line:

"Our Scooter is loosing the use of her hind legs and she can't get through the doggy door to go out to potty. She can't climb the three steps to the couch to snuggle with the little ones. She has taken to a bed we have fixed for her. She went to the Dr today and he said she has a yeast infection in her ears, she failed the high pitch test. She can only take two steps and she falls over to the side. She cries so much and she was never a cryier.

Please take a few min and say a prayer for her. When she was attacked and had to under go surgery, they lost her on the table twice but your prayers brought her back. She has Congestive Heart Failure and Cushings. That is not helping her to fight but she is. She is strong but even being strong like she is, she needs help.

Thank you in advance for your prayers


The Brewster Crew "

Please reach out and send power of the paw.

Scooter,- PAWS

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Poor Scooter...that sure is a lot to go through. I know with the congestive heart failure, surgery isn't really an option unless it becomes an emergency and even then it's a pretty big risk. I'm sending him lots of PoP!


Smiley- Cassanova

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Thanksh you Ivy Joy! I wentsh to hish page!meditatehug