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Do you even- lift?
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '13 5:37pm PST 
I often call Onyx a beast because he's quite strong and well muscled. Even people who have been on German Shepherds for years have remarked on his strength. So in this picture he reminded me of Beast from Beauty and the Beast. As with Beast, many people are scared by his dark appearance, predatory movement, intense eyes, and big teeth. And like Beast when he fought the wolves in the forest, he can be fierce when the need arises. But as Belle discovered with Beast, when you get to know Onyx, he actually has a gentle and loving soul beneath all the muscle.

The Beast and his rose


Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '13 7:03pm PST 
My bright idea this week was to go outside wiff all us dogs (a rare bootiful day), set the camera for the lowest possible aperture, start shooting and hope for the best big laugh Not everything went according to plan; we was supposed to have the place to ourselves and didn't, we should have had all the time we wanted and didn't... Even so, me got in some good play and mud time big grin

Introducing Da Boyz, Sammy and Oscar, brothers who came to us as rescues when them was 4 months old, after being dumped and left to fend for themselves. They are now the main theft deterrent were we live and very happy, good boys.

Here me is taking a play break in the shade and Sammy lays down near me cuz he's taking a break watching me play. But Oscar (who barks and growls in his sleep), is waiting for whatever is coming next...

Winnie Mae

Just let me jump- it!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 7:34am PST 
Winnie Mae loves my dad, mostly because he gives the best doggie massages! (He calls them "rubbies.") He gives her ear rubbies, neck rubbies, and back rubbies. On Christmas Day, Dad broke the radius in his right arm, which clearly impaired his ability to give massages. She still sits on his lap, helping him to get better, and anticipating the return of her massage therapist.

I love the composition of this picture, but I don't like how the lighting or the focus turned out. It was an impulsive photo, one I took spontaneously on Sunday night. I was planning on re-taking it this morning, but Winnie is feeling rather ill today, and hiding in her crate, so I decided to just use this one.

Pearl Irene

Me too!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 7:40am PST 
Two years ago in March, Pearl came home to live with us. Right about the time she came, there was a DDPC going on, and I entered both dogs. One of the first pictures I took of Pearl was on a bench we have in our backyard. For this challenge, I put Pearl back on the bench and focused on the intricate designs of the metal. I like how Pearl is gazing at it meditatively.

Pearl's Bench

Onyx, SD

Legitimate- Mobility Dog
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 9:43am PST 
Onyx and I were out running errands the other day and I decided to take a back street home, for no particular reason. I've been down that street a thousand times, but never noticed the wonderful little courtyard hidden away back there. It has a beautiful old sculpture, surrounded by an amazing architectural wall, reminiscent of old Italian design. We realized we need to make an effort to pay more attention to the beauty that surrounds us every day, and we made that one of our goals for 2013.

Of course, one unexpected consequence was that Onyx started to develop a really bad Italian accent, but I suppose he was inspired. He calls this challenge entry...

Dolce far niente - The sweetness of doing nothing

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 1:00pm PST 

This week was a very challenging one. One reason was that it is very hard to take a depth of field photo with a cellphone camera. Now put being sick with the stomach flu on top of that. So this week all shots were indoor ones. I took a number of shots of Midnight. I ended up using this one because of how his paw is out there in the forefront of the photo

The Paw Has It !

Lucas (My- Gentle- Angel)

Did I hear- cellophane- crinkle?
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 1:16pm PST 

As I already mentioned this week was most certainly a challenging one. Between being sick & using a cellphone camera. Though I did enjoy taking multiple photos of Sandy & her squeaky tennis ball. She squeaked so much that she wore herself out. Out of all the photos I took I really liked that she fell asleep with the ball in her mouth. I stayed in front of her so that I could try to use the ball as the focal point in her photo.

Sleepy Squeaky Ball !


Smurph Man
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 3:13pm PST 
I just recently got a tattoo for my 21st birthday a few weeks ago. I chose something that represented how much dogs are a apart of my life and how much Murph means to me. I decided to go with a heart and a paw print in the center. The paw print is blue for Murphy as I always call him Smurph after the smurfs. I decided to try and focus on the tattoo with Murph in the background. Murph's favorite trick is to give his paw so that was the easy part! Getting my camera to focus was the difficult part. I used a macro lens filter that helped me out a lot smile

My Heart Dog

Caleigh- Elizabeth- MacGregor

Fun Fun Fun!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 3:52pm PST 
First of all, yes...we still have our Christmas decorations up laugh out loud

As though who "know" Caleigh & Darby will attest, both girls love the bay window. Caleigh especially loves to "keep the world safe for democracy" from this perch where she can keep an eye out for people who dare to walk past the house, evil taunting squillies in the tree and heaven forbid if a kitty dares to enter the yard.

It took a while to get the one I wanted, but this is Caleigh in her favorite place, taken "through" the beaded decoration on the garland.

Caleigh through the pearls

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Darby- MacKenzie

Yes, I'm a- princess!!!
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '13 3:56pm PST 
The bane of a Westie's existence...SQUILLIES! We have one that leaps from the ornamental pear to the maple, taunting the girls who will spend hours (yes, hours) running from tree to tree and dogdogdogdogdog, just hoping the squilly will fall and they can get it.

I took this from the deck, through the branches of the ornamental pear. Darby is definitely blurry smile but this pup who does not like her photo taken didn't budge as I took several shots of her "on guard".

I see it...I know I do...If I stay very very still....maybe....

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