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Tycen wash a DDP today and thish wash in hish diary:

I haven't been on dogster in awhile, but a lot has happened with our pup recently and it's now time to put a little bit of focus back on him. Tycen turned 8 today. For a giant Doberman we feel very blessed to have him reach this milestone. Of course it is a bittersweet birthday. Two days ago we learned that our beautiful boy has bone cancer. We still don't know exactly what this means for him. As it is Christmas eve we can't get into see the oncologist until Wednesday. So for at least a couple more days the cancer has free reign to grown and do what it will.
We expect that amputation may be an option and for some reason my husband and I have yet to flinch at that idea. If he can live a meaningful life just a bit longer on three legs, then we are willing to try. Of course we don't know if that IS an option yet.
So, Tycen, for your 8th birthday, mommy promises to do whatever she can to give you the chance to see your 9th birthday. As long as you are happy and pain free, even if it means you will lose a leg, we want to try. You have been the best to us, and we'd like to keep you around a while longer.
Love you big baby.

Thish wash poshted on 12/24 and not many furiendsh. Pleashe lend a paw of shupport. Thanksh you.hug

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on my way, Smiley!!doglittle angeldog

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oh wow....i know bone cancer can be aggressive. I guess it depends on where it is? I'm on my way smiley!


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Thanksh you Sissy and Scooter!big hug