Challenge No. 1

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Talk of the- Town!
Purred: Tue Dec 25, '12 9:23pm PST 
Posted: December 26, 2012
Challenge 1 – Lines!

This week’s challenge: LINES
Lines are everywhere. Lines are vertical, diagonal, and horizontal. There are what is called an “S” curve line, converging lines, intersecting lines and leading lines. Do a quick search on the internet to get some photo samples and now see how lines in surroundings connect with your pup’s everyday life. Photos can be indoors or outdoors; whichever you wish to use. You have the option to present your photo in color or in black and white.

You can begin posting your photo on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 thru Thursday, January 3 until 7:00 p.m. (Dogster time)

Also, next Wednesday I'll start a thread for posting your photos.

oh and REMEMBER:

Every picture has a story behind it so we ask that you give us a good narrative about your photo. How little and how detailed is up to you but your narrative does help the Judges gain insight on what was going on behind the camera as well as in front of the camera. Please keep that in mind.

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 9:29am PST 
Can do Lines no problem.. Lines with dogs in view... I doubt!

Will be looking at what others do though !

Midnight - SD

Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 9:58am PST 
Wish me could say dat we totally understand dis challenge but we don't. We wooked on da internet but must not be typing in the correct infurmation. Could ya pawease help us out.

fank roo bery much

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Try this site:

Flicka you'd be surprise where you find lines and where your pup is in connection with those lines.

We've done this challenge before and the pups came out with some great photos. I remember the Hounds had a nice one. One of the hounds was on the grass rolling around and made a "S" curve of a line, then there was a wooden fence that created a horizontal line and then the shadows formed lines on the grass.

There's lines on a deck.
There's lines in the horizon.
There's lines created by shadows. There are pathways and paved ways and dirt roads that create lines. A pup can be walking down a path that has lines.

Flicka, give it a try.


Talk of the- Town!
Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 10:33am PST 
Here's the link to the group that we did lines. Here are some of the photos.

I think you can still join the group. Let me know if you need an invite to view the photos.

I just remembered that Sammy did a great line shot with shadows. Beautiful photo.


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Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 10:58am PST 
Should the lines be horizontal or vertical? thinking


Talk of the- Town!
Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 11:19am PST 
Abbie they can be any sort of line. Did you check the site I noted. Curvy lines too. Any type of lines you choose.


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Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 11:27am PST 
Sounds like a fun challenge! Leaving to go out of state on Friday, sadly without Onyx, so I'll have to get a good one in the next couple days.

Which DDPC was the previous lines challenge in? It just tells me I'm not in the group when I go to your link, not which group it's a link for.

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 12:21pm PST 

I know where the lines/shadows/landscapes that create those illusions are.. and we have many here... I fully understood. I use lines in perspective alot.. curved , straight and dotted....

NOW... getting the Boys to pose.. which they rarely do... and IN that linescape....or a part of that landscape of lines..... was what I meant and is an entirely different thing.Now without the dogs...... no problems

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I'm a good boy!
Purred: Wed Dec 26, '12 12:26pm PST 
This will be a double challenge for me since everything's buried under 3 feet of snow. I'm putting my thinking cap on though

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